If you watched Terminator Rise of the Machines you notice Terminator drives towards the desert and tosses his fuel cell out. You may ask why did he do this? Terminator is powered by two hydrogen cells replacing the batteries that were installed in his previous models. hydrogen fuel cells are more energy efferent but they are also dangerous although Terminator has an armored torso any energy weapon or electrical shock will destroy his fuel cells. Jen X used a plasma weapon on him and fried his fuel cells so at first opportunity Terminator made a beeline towards the desert, cut the fuel cell out of his chest, and tossed it out. He had to do this or he would self destruct and that would not be good since the cell was damaged it was very unstable and was about to meltdown. Terminator told John and Kate to relax because the cell was destroyed but it did not cause fallout since it was made of hydrogen and it was detonated in a controlled blast. One hydrogen cell has as much power as a Davy Crockett Mini Nuke. Terminator would do this again to finish off Jen X.