• Date unknown: Resistance fighter Ellis Ruggles traveled via time displacement equipment [1] to this year in order to watch over Sarah Connor in case another terminator arrives. Ellis Ruggles (then 21) spent his life in the past as a soldier and a cop, until as an aged man he picks up on the chaos surrounding the events of The Terminator[2] and follows the leads north to protect another Sarah Connor with an anti-terminator "Electro-Mech Fazer" weapon whose future-tech unique components were smuggled back in time by Ruggles in an unmentionalbly uncomfortable way. He also mentions an additional Resistance fighter sent to 1965 - Corporal Graves who arrived from the future on a freeway in Los Angeles and was hit and killed five seconds later.


  1. During the events of The Terminator: One Shot
  2. [[The Terminator (film)|]]

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