Agent Burke was an FBI agent working with detectives for the San Francisco Police Department's on-going pursuit of Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese.

Terminator Genisys timeline

Agent Burke was with Agent Janssen, searching the hospital room where Kyle and Sarah were, ready to do their own personal interrogation of the two. When the two realized that both were missing, they alerted all authority figures and continue the manhunt with Lieutenant Matias and his partner Detective Cheung. Terminator Genisys


  • Due to the hectic editing, it is hard to tell yet possible that Burke was one of the three authority figures, with the other two being an unnamed agent and Lieutenant Matias, by the T-3000.
  • In his first appearance (pictured on his profile above), Burke is the agent on the far left while the other FBI agent on the right is Janssen.

Behind the Scenes



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