Alan Park is a mysterious blogger, living incognito as a woman.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Alan had previously worked for an unknown company as a metallurgist, where he was studying an unknown metal. He had abandoned the work for some reasons, and was then followed by a mysterious stranger. Fearing for his life, he started a new life as a woman named Eileen. Eileen attended many UFO conventions, whose subjects were mysterious flying craft that he believed were related to the metal he was studying.

Park met Sarah Connor at a UFO convention and promised to arrange a meeting with Abraham, his alter ego. He eventually revealed that he was, in fact, Abraham, when they were at his trailer in the desert. He and Sarah worked out the details of his past abductions, and the location of his studies through his consultations with Barbara Morris, a psychologist. While Sarah listened in on the sessions, she heard a struggle and a few muffled shouts. When she went to investigate, she found both Alan and Barbara dead. "Earthlings Welcome Here" It is very likely that Park was killed by Ed Winston. "The Good Wound".

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