The name or term "Alex Lopez" should not be confused with Alex.


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Alexander "Alex" Lopez is a human Resistance soldier who escaped from a working camp.


Little is known of his life, however what is known is that he had been surviving the remnants of New York for a long time. He was captured by Skynet troops at a certain point and sent to a prison camp with other human.


By 2029, the Resistance was looking to liberate the human from the camps in New York and Lopez was an ideal candidate to begin the process. The Resistance managed to smuggle equipment for him to use, which led him to begin a riot in the camp against the machines. Using his communications device, he received orders from Captain Mariam, who ordered the recruit to sneak through the camp to the northeast gate and open it — On the other side would be Resistance forces awaiting him and to aid in the liberation of the camp. It was after his liberation of the camp that John Connor was impressed with the fresh blood and Lopez became a full member of the Resistance.

Once he busted out, Lopez met up with Mariam, who passed on her message from Connor to the new recruit. Though their victory was sweet, it was also short as Hunter Killers began swarming the area, which resulted in them having to use the old sewer network to make it back to headquarters.


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