Anne Fields with her husband David

Anne Fields was the mother of Lauren Fields and Sydney Fields and the wife of David Fields. In 2008 she became the target of Skynet after she became pregnant with her daughter Sydney after having an affair with neighbor Roger Shafer.


While vacationing with her family at their cabin, Anne Fields and her family were visited by Sarah Connor and Cameron. A Terminator had been sent through time by Skynet to terminate her and her unborn daughter because of her importance in the future. Sydney Fields had a natural immunity to a Skynet bioweapon and the Resistance would use her blood to create an treatment.

Despite Sarah's objections, she contacted next door neighbor Roger Shafer to warn him about what was happening. She escaped with her children and husband while Cameron fought the rival machine; however, their running would be for nothing. After contacting Roger once more, the terminator used her relationship to track them to a motel. It was able to terminate her husband and mortally wounded Anne. She found her way to Derek Reese and the Connors, but she would die in childbirth leaving Sydney in the care of her other daughter Lauren. "Alpine Fields"


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