Operation Chrono

Assassination of John Connor (2032)

The War Against the Machines (Original Timeline)


July 4, 2032


Resistance Headquarters




  • T-850 captured and reprogrammed
  • John Connor
  • Large portion of the leaders of the Resistance

Assassination of John Connor (2032) was an event during The War Against the Machines (Original Timeline), when Skynet sent a T-850 as a new tactic to remove John Connor, the leader of the Resistance. It succeeded in eliminating Connor and a large portion of the leaders of the Resistance. But, it was captured by Connor's wife, Kate Brewster and reprogrammed so it can go back through time to protect her younger self and her future husband from not only Judgment Day, but also the new Series T-X Terminator sent by Skynet to kill them both and Connor's future lieutenants.

The Battle

At an unknown date during the war, Skynet decided to try a new tactic to remove the leader of the Resistance, John Connor. Knowing the familiarity that Connor had with the T-800 unit, Skynet sent a T-850 that phsically resembled the old model out to the human Resistance bases where it eventually found John. His judgement clouded by memories of past experiences, he allowed the Terminator into the base where it promptly killed him and a large portion of the leaders of the human Resistance. This event occurs on July 4, 2032. However the fact Skynet sent back the T-X implies John's death came too late to alter the course of the war.


The Terminator was stopped before it can eliminate all of the leaders, and was eventually reprogrammed by Connor's wife, Kate Brewster to serve as a protector once again. This Terminator was once more sent back in time to protect John, only this time not under his command, but Kate's. This leads into the events of the Assassination of Resistance Lieutenants, during which the T-850 reveals to Connor the date and circumstances of his future death. It is possible that, having learned of his fate, John would be able to avoid his death in the future, capture the T-850 and sent it back himself. This leaves the true fate of John Connor open to speculation.




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