Assassination of John Connor (2nd attempt)
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Pre-Judgment Day Missions


September 6–10, 1999, September 10 - December, 2007


Los Angeles, Mexico


The Assassination of John Connor (2nd attempt) refers to Skynet's second attempt and killing John Connor with Cromartie. John sent back Cameron from 2027 to 1999 to protect John.

The Battle

Initial confrontation

Sarah and John Connor move to what John describes as a "hick" town in 1999, which is identified as Red Valley, New Mexico where John meets Cameron at school. A terminator identifying himself as Cromartie comes to the school as the substitute teacher and calls for "John Reese" during attendance call. When John answers, he suddenly pulls out a handgun that was hidden within his leg, shoots at John but Cameron takes the bullets for him. John manages to escape out the window. The other students notice Cromartie's robotic leg as he says "Class dismissed", and goes hunting for John. In a cat-and-mouse game in the parking lot, John dodges Cromartie's shots. Cameron soon arrives in truck, telling him to come if he wants to live.

Sarah had just arrived at the school and looks at the scene through binoculars. Suddenly, Cromartie surprises her and grabs her neck. His cell phone soon rung, which Cromartie promptly answered in Sarah's voice. He tells him to meet him at the house. Cromartie then drags Sarah back to her house, waiting for John to come. As John enters with a hoodie, Cromartie determines his voice and shoots. When he goes to look at the body, it turns out to be Cameron, using John's voice. The two begin fighting, causing mass damage around the house. She jolts Cromartie with electricity and escapes with the Connors, telling them he will be out for two minutes.

Near nightfall, with her shirt off, Cameron carefully pries out a bullet out of her torso. Once down, Sarah tells her to put back on her clothes. While changing, Sarah asks Cameron when she's from. She responds she's from 2027, sent back in time and reprogrammed to protect John. Skynet was activated on April 19, 2011, and launched a nuclear apocalypse on April 21. Terminators would have found them anyway, they always do.

In the day, Ellison and a crew are investigating the Connors' former household. The sheriff notes that though there are scenes of violence, there's no blood. Ellison notes to the sheriff that the killer who attempted to murder John had "a robot leg", as seen by 19 witnesses.

The three go to the Dyson household, where Mile's former wife, Tarissa, is angry that Sarah showed up. She proceeds to call the police but Sarah stops her. She asks Tarrisa if Miles told anyone about Skynet. She doesn't know everything was destroyed. Suddenly, Cromartie arrives. Tarissa allows the Connors the use of her van.

John, Sarah and Cameron go to a bank that was built in 1963. Cameron pulls out a gun from a police officer and has a clerk lock them in a safety deposit vault. She gains a number of keys and tells the Connors to open each specific vault. They were carrying pieces of something. John asks if they are from the future. Cameron responds that nothing organic can travel through time, no clothes, weapons, nothing. She builds what she describes to Sarah as an isotopic weapon, created in this time by an engineer sent back for preparations. The gun can be used to destroy machines like Cromartie.

The FBI receives word about the break in, sending in a SWAT team. However, Cromartie has also been attracted, ignoring the SWAT, determining them as "not a threat". He then begins ripping the vault door apart, piece by piece. Cameron activated a time travel machine built into the bank vault so anyone can have a way back to the future. If they want to take down Skynet, they will have to stop its birth in the future. As the device begins to warm up, Cromartie is near able to break through. John urges his mom that they have to go. Just as temporal energies start swirling, Cromartie comes in, prompting Sarah to fire at him, taking off his head and flesh. The temporal energies that form into a brilliant burst of light.

The scene switches to a freeway, where a time displacement sphere appears in the middle, causing a panic. When it disperses, three naked bodies lie on the ground; it's Sarah, John and Cameron. Getting up, they realize where they are, with mother and son hugely embarrassed. One teen takes a video of them with his cellphone. Cameron then runs off, followed by the Connors. They run away into a nearby construction yard. Sarah asks Cameron where are they. She responds, "Same where. Different when", indicated a nearby billboard, saying 2007. She then walks up to an approaching car, driven by three drunken men who attempt to accost her. Cameron then swiftly knocks them out and steals their clothes and car for her and the Connors.

Cromartie's skull, bare of human flesh, apparently traveled through time along with the Connors. A garbage man finds the skull and keeps it as a novelty item. However, Cromartie's head re-activates and sends a transmission to its headless body, which goes about the process of murdering two people (the garbage man included) in order to successfully retrieve its skull, thus enabling him to resume his hunt for John Connor.

Cromartie heals up

The Connors find a new home in Los Angeles. John and Cameron start to go to school. While Cromartie is hunting them, they have other objectives from other Terminators. They rescue Derek Reese, a [[Resistance fighter sent back to eliminate Skynet, from jail and Vick Chamberlain after he is shot from it. Charley nurses Derek to better health. Derek joins the their fight against Cromartie.

Cromartie goes to a hospital to steal blood. He hides his robotic appearance using masks, hooded sweatshirts and long sleeved clothing. During the robbery, he knocks out a hospital employee and security guard who try to stop him, escaping with large quantities of Type O Positive Plasma. It then goes to the workplace of a scientist named Dr. Fleming. He shows the scientist some complex scientific equations he's written on the wall and asks the scientist if he thinks the equation is possible. The scientist answers that it is, and that he can do it but will need large quantities of blood. Cromartie shows the scientist the blood samples he stole from the hospital. Cromartie takes off his clothes in front of the scientist, who is both amazed and horrified at the metallic endoskeleton of the terminator. Cromartie dips himself in a pool full of blood while the scientist watches.

Dr. David Lyman is recording some notes about a patient when he hears a sound coming from outside his office. He finds Cromartie searching through patient files on a computer and warns him that he should leave before he calls the police. Cromartie indifferently responds by demanding reconstructive surgery before he reveals his newly acquired skin, which he modeled after George Laszlo. Cromartie went to Laszlo's apartment and killed him, effectively stealing his identity.

At Charley Dixon's home, Cromartie, disguising himself as FBI Agent Kester, asks Charley the whereabouts of Sarah and John. Cromartie voices suspicion that Charley is harboring Sarah and John. However, Charley swears that he didn't, and acts upset at the way Cromartie is behaving. As far as he knows, Sarah Connor blew herself up inside a bank vault eight years ago.

Cromartie did a school-to-school search for John and almost catches him when a student brings Cameron a note for her brother. It then fools Cromartie by sending one of John's friends, Morris, in his place, causing Cromartie to continue the search. John eventually learns what Cameron did and swears her to not tell Sarah because she will force them all to move.

FBI Raid

James Ellison identifies Cromartie as the primary suspect in the deaths of the doctor that manufactured the skin replacement, and the plastic surgeon that refined his appearance after Charley Dixon comments on his current alias as Agent Kester. Agent Ellison leads a disastrous raid on the FBI impersonator at Cromartie's motel hideout resulting in the deaths and critical injury of numerous FBI agents, including the skeptical Greta Simpson. Ellison's belief in the existence of terminators is given an unfortunate reinforcement when facing off against Cromartie as the last man standing after the raid. Cromartie elects not to terminate agent Ellison as an asset for the continued tracking of the Connors. Charley witnesses Cromartie's departure from the scene at the motel.

Cameron glitches

Cameron slowly reboots following the car explosion from Margos Sarkissian. John and Sarah are grabbed by Sarkissian and a large sidekick as they try and exit the house. Cameron pulls a massive chunk of automotive shrapnel from the back of her head and her HUD displays that her "CHIP INTEGRITY" has been "COMPROMISED." Inside, Sarah is getting slapped around by Sarkissian while John works to escape his restraints. Sarkissian's henchman finds the hard drive under a mattress downstairs.

Cameron enters the house and terminates the henchman, knocking over flammable fluids and a lit Zipo lighter, igniting a fire as she climbs the stairs. She opens the door and her HUD displays that Sarah and John appear to be okay while Sarkissian lies "DECEASED" on the floor behind them.

After assessing the corpse, Cameron shifts her attention to John. In her display "IDENTIFICATION: JOHN CONNOR" label, a quick shot of Cameron's face, followed by her assessment. "MISSION: TERMINATE." Apparently Cameron’s reprogramming has failed and she has returned to her Skynet defaults. She raises a gun to fire at John just as she's knocked backwards by an explosion from below. John and Sarah jump out a window to safety.

John and Sarah begin a frantic getaway, wrecking their van as Cameron limps in pursuit. Eliciting the help of the priest, Sarah and John attempt to trap Cameron by shocking her unconscious using an alarm clock and the holy water. Failing to get Cameron's chip out in two minutes, they're forced to flee again. A chase ensues, and Cameron eventually flips over their stolen car in the L. A. Storm Drain System with one swipe of her arm.

Sarah is injured but alive, and John escapes into a garage. He struggles to hot-wire a truck, and just as Cameron discovers him and attempts to terminate him by flinging a heavy wrench through the windshield, Sarah comes barreling in driving another truck and pins Cameron between the two grilles.

John now has plenty of time to remove the chip, but just before he does Cameron desperately pleads with him that she is "fixed," crying and saying that she loves him and he loves her. John does pull out the chip, and when Charley and Derek arrive he concedes that Cameron must be destroyed.

Just before setting her on fire in a junkyard, John turns the tables on the adults, putting the chip back into Cameron's head and handing her a gun to see if she really is back to her old self. Cameron's HUD view initially shows the same red "TERMINATE" from earlier in the show, but this time it gets quickly replaced by a "TERMINATION: OVERRIDE" message.

Cromartie's Trap

Cromartie surprises Ellison at Sarah's house, and the FBI agent tells Cromartie to kill him immediately if he thinks he will ever lead the terminator to Sarah. "We'll see," is Cromartie's reply.

Fleeing the Terminator threat in Los Angeles, Charley Dixon and his wife, Michelle, were filling up at a gas station in the middle of the desert. As the truck arrived, Charley headed off to buy Michelle a soda. After disabling the ignition of his vehicle, Cromartie carjacked the Dixon's truck with Michelle inside.

While Sarah unpacked groceries, John received a desperate call from Charley. Not wanting to involve John, and not having Sarah's number, he asked to speak to his mother. Charley told Sarah that Cromartie had taken Michelle and Sarah played along to protect John. Sarah probed Charley for his location and told him to stay put. She scolded John for giving Charley his number and set him on a chore to keep him far from harm, buying new computers for their nascent resistance cell.

Sarah rapidly packed up weapons and directed her to stay with John today and to not let him out of her sight. Sarah also informed Derek who tried to warn her away from an obvious trap to get to John, but joins her anyway.

Michelle is revealed tied up in a chair in an abandoned building. Cromartie methodically prepared a device that incorporates mousetraps as triggers. Michelle spotted her cell phone "conveniently" left nearby and struggled towards it. Cromartie has become aware of the many security measures taken by the Connors, and is seeking to circumvent them with an intricate trap.

After John and Cameron loaded the new computer equipment into the back of their truck in the store parking lot, Riley called from the Santa Monica Promenade, wanting to hang out. Cameron refused to let John go alone and when the opportunity presented itself, John bolted, attempting to ditch the terminator.

Sarah and Derek met up with Charley at the desert gas station. Derek bluntly informed Charley that Cromartie doesn't care about Michelle, and is just using her to get to John. Flatly stating that Michelle is probably already dead. Once Michelle finally reached her tantalizingly placed cell phone, she made the call for help to Charley. Derek and Sarah demanded he test her, to make sure it's not Cromartie imitating her voice. After she passed, As best she could, she told them where she was. Hearing as Cromartie wrapped up in the other room, Michelle cuts off the call and tried to conceal her efforts to make contact, but a simple comparison of imagery in memory confirms for him the trap is in motion. Michelle begged for her life, but Cromartie set his trap with her as live bait and tapes her mouth shut.

Sarah, Derek, and Charley arrived outside the building Michelle described as her prison. Cautiously they entered, searching the place for Michelle, or Cromartie. They found Michelle, tied up in a chair set upon mousetraps wired to a bomb. Sarah demanded Michelle not move while Derek double checked the rest of the place for Cromartie. Charley tried in vain to reassure Michelle it would be okay. Sarah ordered Carley out to the truck for her “red handled bag” of demolition gear so she could attempt to defuse the bomb.

Once Charley returns with the bag and announced that Cromartie took off (and killed their car before he did). Sarah realized that this means it was all a setup—even the bomb's not real. Sarah immediately called John who told her he was at the promenade and lied that he was still with Cameron. Derek’s search revealed a cell phone scanner and signal relay wired to the nearby cell tower re-broadcasting their call...right to Cromartie, revealing their security code and the location of his primary objective.

Derek then located a beeping detonator with a wire leading outside to the cell tower. In a reversal of the trap the Connors laid for him, the command-detonated VBIED used to evade him at the Dyson house in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode Cromartie dialed his cell phone (the detonator) and destroyed the tower, dropping it on the location of his captive. The massive tower fell squarely into the building, but luckily no one was terminated, however Michelle was gravely hurt by the falling tower and as they stumbled off, a big blood stain was revealed on her back. With all cell phone service down, and his obstacles either terminated or at least safely isolated from John, Cromartie was free to close the final stage of his trap around John.

From the desert, Cromartie called pretending to be Sarah, redirecting John to wait at the Santa Monica Pier and shut off his phone. Cromartie then raced off after his target. John abandoned a frustrated Riley after telling her he had to go meet his mom at the pier.

Sarah, Derek, Charley, and Michelle planned to trek through the desert to reach the road, but Charley balked because of Michelle's injury, unable to determine its severity or treat it in the field. It is unclear how Sarah had the forethought to bring the demolition kit, but wasn’t also equipped with trauma first aid gear, a virtual necessity when hunting terminators. Michelle angrily insisted she could walk, and that no one would have to wait on her. Ellison met with Catherine Weaver in her office to talk about the FBI massacre. She showed Ellison photographic evidence of an endoskeleton hand involved in a plane crash five years ago (2002) and shared that she knows that it was a robot that tried to kill John Connor in Red Valley, NM in 1999. Weaver also declared that she knows that a robot was involved in the FBI massacre. She claimed to have been working on reverse engineering the same technology with her “late husband” and wanted to hire Ellison to find out about these robots and to even catch one for her.

Cameron cornered Riley in a parking garage, demanding she reveal "Where's John?" as John waited for "Sarah" at the crowded Santa Monica Pier. Fortunately, as they struggled towards the highway nearly five miles away, Sarah carjacked a cell phone service van en route to the downed tower and they drove off after John. Jouncing across the service road, Michelle struggled to stay alive with Charley's increasingly futile help. They exchange harsh words as he demands Sarah slow down, but she countered that he should have stayed away. At the end of her rope, Sarah slammed on the brakes, sliding the van to a stop, still far from both aid for Michelle, and her chance to save John.

A wary John spotted Cromartie on the pier and fled for cover. Cromartie followed suit, chasing John down the pier. Cameron, too, arrived and begins closing on the pair from behind. John created a diversion by trading jackets with a pier fisherman and hiding in a crate, confusing Cromartie, but is rapidly reacquired by him. Trapped with nowhere else to run, John dove off the pier and into the ocean, Cromartie firing away at him. Intent on terminating his target, Cromartie jumped in after, intending to latch on and drag John into the depths. John barely gets away by shucking off his oversized borrowed jacket, and Cromartie sank out of reach to the bottom of the ocean. John swam up, and spotted Cameron on the pier.

The Second Hunt for the Connors

The Connors find they have been robbed after Riley failed to re-arm the house's alarm system after sneaking out of John's room again. Because of the security risk should the police track it to them, they have to reclaim their goods and documents themselves. While John cleans up, the other eventually locate the stolen property. Meanwhile, Ellison meets a terminator look-a-like of him. Just as it was about to terminate him, Cromartie stabs it with a long bar, ripping out its power supply, saying that Ellison is still essential to finding the Connors, and that Skynet has no faith in him.

At the halfway house, Cameron's picture is finally scanned into the system, which Cromartie picks up with his tracking software equipped laptop. He goes over, looking for Cameron, whom Jody recognizes, even identifying John's picture as her "brother" and revealing the Baum aliases. Cromartie claims to be Cameron's uncle, though Jody seriously doubts it, insisting he has a cop vibe. Together they investigate the grocery store where Cameron suffered her memory loss and miss John and Riley by a split-second.

After looking all over LA, Cromartie grows tired of Jody's obnoxiousness and throws her out of the car. As he closes on the Connors' safe house by going door to door, he encounters the Connor's neighbor Kacy Cotton, who is immediately suspicious of him and alerts John. Riley diverts Cromartie, pretending that it is her house, and the terminator finds no trace of John and leaves. He then gets a hit on Sarah's stolen credit card and traces it to a bowling alley, where three men have been killed by Cameron and Cromartie promises to protect the surviving criminal from Sarah in exchange for the location where they got the stuff.

Cromartie's Last Stand

John immediately calls Riley after his evening chat with Cameron, grabbing a duffel bag from the bath tub, telling her "I'll be there in a few minutes" and leaves the house. We catch up with John and Riley the following morning on a bus, with John telling her they are going to a village in Mexico where he used to live as a child.

That morning Cameron tells Sarah that she has had a conversation with John and that he won't be seeing Riley anymore. Moments after Cameron departs, Sarah is ambushed by Cromartie who grabs her and drags her up the stairs to John's room. He asks where John is, and after recognizing a lie from Sarah seems to realize that: "You don't know."

When the pair arrives in the village they see the preparations for the Dia De Los Muertos festival that night, meaning everyone in town is dressed as skeletons. At dinner a man sits down and tries to take a picture of them. John tries to get rid of the man, who recognized John from his childhood days in the town. When the man attempts to blackmail John with the picture, Riley grabs the camera out of his hand. John tells her they have to leave the place immediately, but as John runs out the door into the festival Riley is grabbed by police.

The Mexican police tell John that if he can get his mother or uncle to pick him up, they will let him go with a warning. John first dials Derek, punching in two numbers when his voicemail picks up. He next tries Sarah. When she answers, John immediately enters in those two numbers (another "duress code" security measure) without talking. When Sarah's voice continues to speak to him without responding with the numbers, John hangs up. The police tell John they are going to run his name through Interpol and then put him in a holding cell with Riley. The next morning Riley and John trick one of the guards and manage to escape. As they are about to leave the jail they hear shooting.

Cromartie is driving with Sarah tied up in the back. Cromartie tells her it was the bowling alley survivor she didn't kill who led him to their house, then sticks her in the trunk after she tries to escape.

While jogging, Ellison gets a phone call from friends in the FBI that a potential hit on his old Connor case indicates that John is being held in Mexico. Ellison goes to the Mexican station where John and Riley are being held, telling the officer he is with the FBI and has reason to believe John is in danger. While waiting in the office Cromartie arrives and a gun battle ensues. John and Riley run by on their way out. Ellison grabs John, telling him "I'm here to help." The three jump into Cromartie's car, speeding off as the Terminator peppers the car with a 9mm pistol and an HK-5 (a variant of the MP5 Submachine gun). They eventually find Sarah in the trunk and the four seek cover.

Ellison tells Sarah he was being followed by Cromartie and had planned to set John free when he got to him at the prison. John and Sarah begin convincing Riley that she must go back to Los Angeles. Looking for some backup, Sarah calls Derek who tells her that "we're here, we're at the jail."

Derek and Cameron survey the carnage left by Cromartie's visit to the police station. Derek gets that call from Sarah, wondering to her that if John is with her, "Where is Cromartie?"

After arriving at the station Cromartie shoots everybody in sight, except for one officer who does not attempt to stop him and the officer who was guarding the cell. The latter tells Cromartie that John and Riley escaped and that the only exit was the front. When Cromartie returns to the front of the station, he notices John running. After the car chase, Cromartie spots Ellison grabbing supplies from his trunk and slowly walking into a church. Cromartie walks in behind Ellison, and discovers himself in a trap. Sarah and Derek fire on Cromartie from high windows on either side of the room, followed by Cameron walking in with an assault shotgun equipped with Depleted Uranium Slugs Depleted Uranium ammunition, shooting off most of Cromartie's face. Cromartie collapses to the ground, his trigger fingers uncontrollably twitching and his terminator HUD offline. He records Cameron, Sarah, Derek, and Ellison walking over to him, followed by John. This is the last thing he sees before John shoots him in the head.


Later, the five of them bury Cromartie. After telling Ellison they will be going their separate ways, Sarah places Cromartie's chip on a rock to destroy it with the butt of her rifle, becoming unglued during the process, smashing the electronic device over and over again before collapsing on John's shoulder in tears. Ellison walks away without a word.

Ellison later digs up Cromartie's endoskeleton to make sure that Skynet never gets built with the help of Catherine Weaver. Cromartie is also haunting Sarah's dreams shortly after its termination.



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