Capture of Kyle Reese

Attack on Skynet VLA (2018)

The War Against the Machines (New Timeline)


May 21, 2018[1]


A Skynet VLA near Los Angeles

  • The VLA is destroyed
  • Nearly all forces are destroyed
  • John Connor learns of the making of the T-800
  • All

Attack On Skynet VLA was a skirmish between the Human Resistance and Skynet in the year 2018. The goal was to infiltrate the VLA, steal important information believed to be stored there, and then get out and destroy the facility. It ended with the destruction of the base, but at the cost of nearly the entire Resistance team.

The Mission

The human forces first launch a guided missile at the Skynet base, destroying most of the surface defenses and creating an enormous hole to enter the base through. Helicopters under the cover of A-10 Thunderbolt IIs then flew in and landed ground troops, including John Connor and General Olson who took a team to infiltrate the base. The team makes its way inside the facility through the hole created by the missile. They encounter no enemy resistance, save for a brief run-in with a T1 which is easily dispatched.

When John Connor and his team get down into the outpost, they find the computers they're looking for. In addition, they also find a number of human prisoners - some of whom have been experimented upon. Connor wants to save them, but the leader of the team, General Olson just wants to take the information and blow the place up as soon as possible. John finds the plans for the T-800 on one of the computers.

Olson meanwhile tries to contact the men on the surface, but doesn't get any response. He tells Connor find out why no one's answering his calls. Connor heads back to the surface, while Olson and the rest of the team stay behind to finish downloading the information.


After Connor gets to the surface, he finds that all the Resistance soldiers that were there have been killed. He sees a Transport heading toward Skynet Central and he tries to get in a helicopter. Once he gets there, he finds that the pilot is already dead. He takes the helicopter into the air. At the same time, his teammates below trigger a booby trap which causes the entire base to self-destruct. The shockwave damages Connor's chopper and he crashes. He is then attacked by a damaged T-600. He defeats it by shooting it with the mounted machinegun on the helicopter and then calls for help from the Resistance who send a transport to evacuate him.

Some time later, Marcus Wright, who'd been stored inside the Skynet VLA, was released from the ruins.

Barnes and Blair Williams would return to the site of the attack shortly after the Mission to Skynet Central to bury the body of Barnes brother Caleb. A short time afterward the damaged T-700s began to reactivate and attacked the Resistance soldiers.


  1. The date is on the lower right side of the cruise missile's screen.
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