The Assassination of Martin Bedell is a conflict where a Series 888 Terminator was sent to 2007 to terminate Martin Bedell, a key Resistance fighter in the future.


Derek Reese showed John and Sarah Connor a newspaper article on the death of Martin Bedell. He explained that a man named Martin Bedell will be one of Connor's best soldiers in the future — a trained military man who will help John put the Resistance together. Skynet has obviously sent back a machine to track and kill all possible Martin Bedells, as they did with Sarah Connor.

John confirmed that there are two other Martin Bedells currently in Los Angeles and discovered that one is at Presidio Alto Military Prep School. "P. Alto." was one of the bloody names on the Connors' basement wall left by the Resistance fighter Wells.

Derek and John headed out to Presidio Alto, while Sarah and Cameron went after the other Martin Bedell to try to stop the T-888 before it terminates an innocent person.

The Battle

At Presidio Alto, Derek is immersed in memories of the Future War — particularly a mission involving his brother Kyle Reese and Martin Bedell. He enrolls John at the school and gets offered a job filling in for the week as a TAC, after all, he is a veteran.

Marty Bedell was at his house alone when he was interrupted by the doorbell. Fortunately for young Marty, Sarah grabbed him and rolled him off to the side as the T-888 fired through the door. Sarah and Marty ran out of the house and jumped into the jeep, driven by Cameron. The Terminator raced in pursuit and leapt on the roof, peeling it open to reach his target. Sarah shoots him off of the vehicle, but he swiftly recovered and continued his relentless pursuit.

At Presidio Alto, Derek discovered upwellings of the LaBrea Tar Pits in the woods while John and his squad fired on the rifle range. After he helped a cadet clear a jammed rifle by teaching him the SPORTS (Slap, Pull, Observe, Release, Tap, Shoot) trick, he met Cadet Captain Martin Bedell. John and Bedell go running in the woods for PT and stumbled upon Derek reconnoitering the grounds. He recognized the Bedell he would know in the future.

With Marty finally asleep, Cameron told Sarah they made a tactical error. In her assessment, they should not have run and instead killed the Terminator when they had the chance, and the boy was not part of the mission. Sarah informed Cameron that now he was.

Derek briefed John that the Terminator is going to come from the woods as it provides the closest approach from the least secure place on campus. John confessed that Bedell planned on quitting school, but Derek insisted he won't. It didn’t happen that way. "He doesn't have a choice?" John bitterly wondered. Not unlike his own life.

Derek and John begin setting the ambush in the woods where they deployed claymore mines as a speed bump to slow the terminator down. Derek told John a story of Kyle's empathy, even in the future. Not unlike John Connor now.

The cadets lurked in the woods at dark. The "target" arrived, and Pyle signaled to the rest of the squad. Derek set up his first shot at a distance and fired his M-82 Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle at the T-888, hitting him in the head with a grazing shot and blinding one eye, but not knocking him down. The Terminator chased Derek deeper into the ambush.

John set off the claymores, which knocked the machine down but didn’t stop him yet. It spotted Bedell, who fell down a hillside in a panicked retreat. Faced with Bedell's impending termination, John did the only thing he could — he diverted the machine's attention. With a Mission Priority Override, the Terminator abandoned Martin and raced after John.

John ran, followed closely by the terminator. He lured him across a plank crossing an open tar pit, where Derek shot him again, knocking the T-888 into the tar below. Derek raced up and blasted off the whole top right of the Terminator's head with a final point blank shot, and John lit the tar and the machine with a thermite charge, melting it right in front of Bedell while behind them, hidden, is Cameron. Watching.


On their way home, Derek told John the truth of Bedell's fate in the future. In order to save Kyle and bust up the prisoner convoy, Bedell volunteered to go in Derek's place. Bedell puts his own life on the line, aiding in rescue of forty prisoners, one of which includes John Connor.


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