Laser barcodes are identification numbers burned onto Skynet Work Camp prisoners by laser scan, presumably to keep track of them. According to the Terminator 2 shooting script, these barcodes are ten-digit numbers with a pattern of lines below it, like a traditional product barcode.[1]



  • Nazi extermination camps run by the SS, like Auschwitz, also marked prisoners with identification numbers. The tattoos were the prisoner's camp number, sometimes augmented with a special symbol: some Jews with a triangle, Roma with letter "Z" (from German Zigeuner for "Gypsy").
  • Extermination camp prisoners were initially tattooed with on the upper left part of the breast, but were eventually tattooed with a single needle on the left forearm. In Skynet Work Camps, prisoners were barcoded on either their left or right forearms (The Terminator, Gnothi Seauton).
  • Derek Reese is barcoded even though he is not put into a Skynet Work Camp.


Kyle Reese: Most of us were rounded up, put in camps for orderly disposal. (pulls up his right sleeve, exposing a barcode) This is burned in by laser scan. Some of us were kept alive... to work... loading bodies. The disposal units ran night and day. We were that close to going out forever.
The Terminator
Sarah Connor:(Looking at barcode on forearm of dead Resistance fighter) I've seen that before. Kyle Reese had one.
Cameron: Skynet work camp. Prisoner.
The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Gnothi Seauton
Cameron:(After seeing a barcode in the police file of Derek Reese) That's a tattoo from a Skynet work camp. He's a resistance fighter.
The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Queen's Gambit




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