The term "Barnes" should not be confused with Justin Perry.

Lieutenant Barnes is a Resistance soldier in the Future War.

Barnes was a loose cannon who acted without thinking at times. Barnes was very close to John Connor and served in Connor's chain of command.


Early life

Barnes was an ex-football player,[1] who was deeply religious and believed that the Judgment Day was the beginning of the final war on Earth with Skynet as the Antichrist. He grew up in a low income area of Los Angeles and was a constant target of gangs. It is these childhood experiences that explain Barnes' contempt for local gangs of human survivors who choose to raid and attack other humans, rather than join the Resistance in the war against Skynet.

Terminator Salvation

Following an attack on the Skynet VLA, Barnes learned that Jericho, his brother, was killed following the accidental tripping of a booby trap. He frequently worked alongside John Connor in mission planning and even disregarded a direct order from General Ashdown to remove Connor from command after Connor deemed the attack on Skynet Central to be too risky.

Barnes had also accompanied John in testing the deactivation signal in the field. Under the cover of darkness, the two managed to lure and successfully deactivate an HK-Aerial before destroying it.

He was present with Kate Connor when it was discovered that Marcus Wright was a Terminator and quickly knock him unconscious. Barnes would serve as the first watchman of Wright and discussed his views on God and how Wright and Skynet were the devil.[2] During this, he used the "machine" as target practice until being tricked by Blair Williams to leave her alone with him. Upon finding the truth, Barnes returned to the silo and fired on both Wright and Blair claiming that she had made her choice.

After the destruction of Resistance Headquarters by the machines, Barnes went with Kate Connor on her mission to rescue John from Skynet Central. He helped Marcus to carry Connor to the helicopter for evacuation.


  • Barnes enjoys music and one of his proudest possessions was a boombox that had survived Judgment Day.
  • In novelization, he would use his boombox alongside John Connor to capture and reprogram a Moto-Terminator.

Behind the Scenes

  • Barnes is portrayed by the rapper Common.
  • Early reports suggested that Common would be playing Danny Dyson, but were soon corrected to be false.


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