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Just as the Resistance would reprogram captured Terminators, Skynet would brainwash human captives to help it infiltrate the Resistance.

The Terminator: Tempest

After being rebuilt into a cyborg, Dudley was programmed with Skynet's command, which influenced him from time to time.

The Terminator: The Dark Years

The New John Connor Chronicles

The T-XA Terminator is able to brainwash a human by implanting parts of itself within the host, performing alterations to the host's brain to ensure loyalty to its own goals.

T2 Trilogy

The I-950 Infiltrator is technically born brainwashed human.

The Terminator: Dawn of Fate

Skynet brainwashes and attaches external implants to the captives, turning them in to the Skynet Initiates.

Terminator Hunt

Terminator Genisys

After being transformed into a T-3000 by Skynet in the form of Alex, John Connor begins to work for Skynet.

Initiates - Grays - Hybrids - T-3000 - Brainwashing
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