This is the official biography page for Cameron during her tenure in the post-apocalyptic future. Specifically, it covers her origins and accomplishments in that time period, prior to her being sent back in time to the year 1999.

Post Judgment Day Objective

"This is where the factory will be... Where I'll be made. Me and many others."
- Cameron. ("Heavy Metal")

Cameron was created by Skynet at a U.S. military base containing the blast doors for Depot 37 after Judgment Day. Her appearance was based off a Resistance fighter, Allison Young whom Cameron interrogated and later terminated while searching for information on the location of the hidden rebel base. She hoped to get close to Connor and fulfill her main directive for his termination.

Cameron AllisonFromPalmdale1

Cameron interrogates Allison

"You shouldn't have run... You're just making things worse for yourself."
- Cameron. ("Allison from Palmdale")

During the interrogation, Cameron kept Allison blinded with a strong light so that she wouldn't see the interrogator and spoke with an uncallibrated voice. This may imply that Cameron was without an infiltration sheath during this period, Allison having only recently been captured. She asked Allison personal questions about her life before Judgment Day, learning the girl's birthday and home town. Through further probing, Cameron learned about Allison's parents and enquired about a bracelet on Allison's left arm. Allison told her that it was a gift from her sister, who died along with her parents on Judgment Day.

After a failed escape attempt by Allison, Cameron shows herself for the first time, shocking Allison with her new skin, which is identical to Allison in every way and begins mimicking her voice. Cameron tells her that she and other machines share a desire to end the war peacefully and claims that Allison was chosen because of her bravery and her personal relationship with John. She tells her that she admires John and wants to meet him, but Allison remains tight-lipped about his location. She eventually cracks, however, and tells Cameron what she wants to know, but Cameron discovers that other members of the Resistance carried exactly the same bracelets as Allison's and deduces that they are passes for his camp.

With this revelation, Cameron realizes that had she tried to infiltrate the camp without the pass, her mission would've failed from the outset. This causes Cameron to determine Allison's usefulness is at an end, as she grabs Allison by the throat and holds her aloft. Allison declares that she will never betray John Connor and Cameron replies by snapping her neck, stating that she already has. Cameron then takes Allison's bracelet, as it is her key to finding and assassinating John. How her mission fared has yet to be seen, though it is obvious that she somehow failed to complete her primary objective.

"We got a red alert! Get emergency response! Go get her now!"
- Resistance Soldier. ("Dungeons & Dragons")

Cameron in Resistance Bunker

Cameron 219.2

Cameron debriefs Jesse Flores

In 2027 a group of Resistance fighters were captured and taken to an old house, wherein the prisoners were led one-by-one into the basement. Cameron's presence [1] is strongly implied due to the Chopin's Nocturne that was playing in the room whenever a prisoner was led down there (Allison having confessed that her mother loved listening to Chopin). The fighters were tortured and interrogated for the location of Connor's camp, and Derek Reese committed her face to memory.[2]

Cameron's capture and reprogramming by the Resistance for their use is as yet undocumented, although it is hinted that after her reprogramming, Cameron went back to the old house and released the captive soldiers. One of the soldiers, Derek Reese, first thought that she was an infiltrator until informed otherwise. Cameron's role within Depot 2, the base to which she was assigned, appeared to be general security and threat deterrence. When a reprogrammed Terminator reverted to its original Skynet programming, Cameron was called upon to dispose of it, saving Derek’s life in the process. She then informed him of the reversion phenomenon, offering no explanation as to how and why it occurs.

After Derek's departure to the past, Cameron met with his lover, Jesse Flores, when she returned from a failed mission to pick up a package from a Skynet facility. Jesse explained how her crew opened a box meant for John, inside of which was a T-1001 that murdered a member of the crew and then took her form. During the crew's evacuation of the submarine, Jesse was confronted by the T-1001, who told her to tell John that its answer was "no".

This news surprised Cameron, who considered this turn of events very carefully before divulging the question that John had asked the T-1001; "Will you join us?" Jesse demanded to see John, but Cameron stated that talking to her was the equivalent of talking to John, which little did Cameron know would spark the beginning of Jesse's vendetta against her in the past. To add insult to injury, Cameron informed Jesse of her miscarriage of Derek's unborn child before leaving to relay the T-1001's answer to John.

Cameron was also selected for an unknown number of time travel operations, one of which may have included a mission as early as 1963 to open a safety deposit box in an L.A. bank; or so she claims.[3] She may even have returned to the future upon completing said mission. Cameron was later assigned her current mission and sent back to 1999. Her mission: to protect John Connor's younger self and to ensure the survival of his mother, Sarah Connor.


  • During her interrogation of Allison Young, Cameron is shown to be remarkably perceptive and possesses intellectual adaptability as opposed to mechanical single-mindedness.
  • Cameron tells Allison that she belongs to a faction of machines who desire a peaceful resolution to the war as opposed to all-out extinction. Though this is almost certainly a trick to deceive Allison into cooperating, it is worth wondering why she would use such a tack, as it would seem like an absurd idea to a member of the Resistance unless there was some truth to add weight to her claim.
  • Cameron apparently has a strong desire to fulfill her mission, be it John's termination or his protection, and displays visible anger when her objective is endangered. This is shown when she realises that Allison's lie about her bracelet would have nullified her mission before she could even gain access to John's camp.
  • She doesn't like being lied to, which is ironic considering that she herself lies on a daily basis.
  • After her reprogramming, Cameron and John form a close relationship, although the exact nature of said relationship remains ambiguous. In "Dungeons & Dragons" Sgt. Perry informs Derek Reese that "Connor doesn't have any friends. Hell, he doesn't talk to anybody." Cameron is later seen delivering a message on John's behalf and possesses authorized access to the TDE chamber. In the present, Cameron has hinted that she and John are companions, and that they talk a lot about personal matters. He used to tell her about how his mother used to read him stories in Spanish when he was little, and he often confides his feeling of isolation and alienation to her. Jesse, an AWOL Resistance fighter, claimed that Cameron and John spent every waking hour with each other and that he rarely spoke to anyone except her. Jesse also expresses her belief that Cameron is taking over the Resistance, swaying John's decisions and making him more reckless and dangerous.
    • It is unknown whether this is true or not, as Jesse may simply be on the outside looking in, and therefore only sees the costs of what might otherwise be an efficient and effective campaign. It is also unknown as to whether the Cameron she refers to is the younger version (prior to being sent to 1999) or the older, more evolved Cameron (having survived Judgment Day and continued to be his protector [What??]). Either way, they are very close, which appears to be triggering a possible splintering amongst the subordinates.

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  1. Or another unit with her Model living tissue sheath.
  2. Provoking his hostile reaction to seeing the captured "actual" Cameron for the first time upon his release and return to the Depot 2 resistance base. He screamed "Metal!" and went for his sidearm instantly upon spotting her in the facility, unaware that this unit was a reprogrammed resistance asset.
  3. Cameron's lies. Note also that the "Bank" itself was established in 1963, so anything built into it or secreted in the safety deposit boxes may have been added at any point thereafter.

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