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Campo de Cahuenga High School is a high school attended by both John Connor and Cameron Phillips. It is located in the Los Angeles area.



  • John Baum is an alias for 16 year old John Connor. Dropped out in November 2007.
  • Cameron Baum is an alias for Cameron Phillips, a terminator posing as John's sister. Dropped out in November 2007.
  • Jordon Cowan was a cheerleader who committed suicide in 2007.
  • Riley Dawson was a student at the school; she was actually from the future on a mission.
  • Mike is a popular student at the school.
  • Morris is a friend of John's from his car repair class. He appears to have a crush on Cameron.
  • Cheri Westin is a friend of John's. She is in John and Cameron's chemistry class.



  • Campo de Cahuenga is a city in North Hollywood, California, near Cahuenga Pass. It was an adobe farmhouse on the Rancho Verdugo where the Treaty of Cahuenga was signed between Lieutenant Colonel John C. Frémont and General Andrés Pico in 1847, ending hostilities in California between Mexico and the United States. [citation needed]


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