Attack on Skynet VLA


Mission to Skynet Central

Capture of Kyle Reese (2018)

The War Against the Machines (New Timeline)




Outside of Los Angeles


Skynet victory

  • Kyle Reese is captured.
  • All the prisoner are sent to Skynet Central for the harvesting of the living tissues for the new T-800.




Capture of Kyle Reese was an event when Kyle Reese and a kid named Star were captured by Skynet forces and sent to Skynet Central.


Marcus Wright, Kyle Reese, and Star went to an abandoned 7-11. They are trying to get some gas, but the resistance there refuses until Virginia came out. She provided them with food, after which one of the resistance turns on her, pointing a gun asking what gives her the right to give away their supplies.

The Battle

All of a sudden, a harvester grabbed her and it begins grabbing all the people it could. Some tried to flee in cars, but they were shot at until the cars exploded, killing them. Marcus saw a transport full of people and came up with a plan to open the valve on a fuel tanker and create a line leading to the harvester. He used a tow truck to push the tanker right next to the harvester and told Kyle to shoot at the truck, but he failed to ignite anything. Star provided Marcus with a flare, which he threw, igniting the line of fuel and causing a massive explosion as they drove away. However a few seconds later, the harvester emerged undamaged, and deployed three Moto-Terminators to go after them. Kyle disposed of one by throwing a container of oil off the back and shooting it, which made the road slick causing a collision. Approaching a bridge, which is blocked by an HK-Aerial. To destroy the other Moto-Terminator, Marcus has Kyle deploy the tow-hook, resulting in the Moto-Terminator becoming tangled and flung at the H-K, destroying both. At this point they think they're finally safe, but then Kyle and Star are grabbed by a Harvester and dropped into a transport.

Resistance pilots then show up and begin to shoot at the machines, while being pursued by HK-Aerials. Marcus was attempting to break open the transport to free the prisoners with an axe, when it takes off and he falls into a river, skipping across it like a stone. One resistance pilot, Blair Williams gets shot down, and the other couldn't shake the HK-Aerials following her. Finally, she escapes by ejecting shortly before the plane explodes.


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