This page is about the original human, for the Terminator replacement, see Carl Greenway (Terminator).


Carl Greenway

Carl Greenway was an ex-U.S. Navy and then a nuclear power technician, responsible for the restart testing at the Seranno Point nuclear power plant. He has 20 years[1] of experience with nuclear reactors and has been a key roadblock in the rapid activation of the facility due to his safety concerns. To overcome his resistance to the restart, he was terminated on or about November 16th, 2008 by a Series 888 Terminator designed as a dedicated replacement for him.

After leaving his biological template hanging in his house as an apparent suicide, the Greenway Terminator was detected by Sarah Connor due to the fact that its living tissue sheath did not allow for his surgical scars. The real Carl Greenway was a cancer survivor, who had a large surgical scar on the inside of his right bicep from two lymph node removal interventions following three rounds of chemotherapy.

Behind the Scenes



Carl: We're less than 36 hours from going online. Check it again.
Sarah Connor: I'd have a headache too if I had to figure out what all those buttons do.
Carl: They're just vitamins.
Sarah Connor: I'm Karen, by the way.
Carl: Carl. You're new?
Sarah Connor: Brand spanking. Just moved here from Texas.
Carl: Really? Whereabouts?
Sarah Connor: A little town called Elgin.
Carl: Near Corpus Christi. I was stationed at Ingleside Naval Base.
Sarah Connor: Oh, imagine that. Neighbors and never even knew it. I hear there's a big test tomorrow. The reactor's going back online? Exactly how's that work?
Carl: Hopefully perfectly.


  1. 12 Years Naval experience in nuclear subs, 8 years in commercial nuclear power.