"Help me find this machine, Agent. You and I'll take it apart piece by piece. I'm not sure what we'll find. But I doubt we'll find evil."
- Catherine Weaver.

The alliance between Catherine Weaver and James Ellison is one of the most primary in Season 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Weaver and Ellison

Season Two

While attending the funeral of Michelle Dixon, where Charley Dixon angrily threw down the Bible Ellison had given him into her grave, Ellison's resulting expression suggests he wants to get back involved. In the next episode "Allison from Palmdale", this comes true when he asks to meet with Weaver again about her job offer. After a series of conversations, he unwittingly convinces himself that Weaver and him are on the same side. She wants answers, and he wants to make up for all the deaths he caused for not believing Sarah Connor. Weaver assigns him to find a machine for her.

In "Brothers of Nablus", a Terminator sent as Ellison himself, tries to kill him, but Cromartie stops it. Later, Ellison is arrested for murder the twin Terminator committed. Weaver helps Ellison out of prison by becoming the Agent in charge and manipulating the eyewitness. In the following episode, "Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today" where John and Riley are in Mexico, Ellison gets a call from a former colleague who sends a photo of John Connor to Ellison's phone. He ends up helping the Connors defeat Cromartie in Mexico.

It is revealed at the end of "Complications" that Ellison dug up Cromartie's endoskeleton and brought it to Catherine Weaver. Cromartie's body later becomes an external interface for Weaver's Babylon A.I. called John Henry.

In the episodes that follow, Ellison is seen as reluctant and suspicious of John Henry, but Weaver always manages to manipulate him to help in John Henry's development. John Henry too convinces Ellison to leave him turned on to finishing painting his model toys. In "The Good Wound" where Ellison expresses his concern, "I'm worried about what he's going to become. Who's gonna guide him?", Weaver replies back, "Why, you are Mr. Ellison. You."


"The Mousetrap"

Ellison: Hello?
Weaver: Agent James Ellison, please.
Ellison: Speaking.
Weaver: My name is Catherine Weaver, Mr. Ellison. I'd like to talk to you about an opportunity.
Ellison: I'm not interested in any opportunities.
Weaver: A job opportunity, Agent Ellison. I presume you won't be returning to the FBI, once your leave of absense is over.
Ellison: How'd you get my number?
Weaver: I'll tell you about it at lunch. Shall we say... 1:00? My assistant will give you the information.
Ellison: No. I don't know who you are. And um, I'm very busy.
Weaver: You're not busy. Come to lunch. We'll talk about who or what, actually killed your colleagues.

Ellison: So... You know who I am. You know what happened. George Lazlo was the shooter. George Lazlo is dead. It's all in the report.
Weaver: And yet here you are. Five years ago, a small commuter jet went down in the eastern Sierras. On its way from Sacramento to Portland. My brother was on the N.T.S.B. team that investigated the accident. He found these. And brought them to me. My late husband and I have spent three years and $20 million. Trying to reverse engineer this technology. We've not been successful. Yet. Red Valley, New Mexico. Eight years ago. 22 witnesses report seeing a man with some kind of robot leg. Try to kill a boy later identified as John Connor.
Ellison: John Connor?
Weaver: Son of Sarah Connor. It was your case. She believed robots were after her son.
Ellison: I know what she believed, Ms. Weaver.
Weaver: You know what really killed those agents. You did not even pretend to ask me what those were.
Ellison: What do you want from me?
Weaver: I want what you want, Mr. Ellison. I want answers. But more than that, I want you to help me find another one.

"Allison from Palmdale"

Ellison: Thank you for taking the time to meet see me.
Weaver: I understand your relunctance to discuss these things over the phone. But I'm pleased you're still considering my job offer.
Ellison: I am. Thank you.
Weaver: I appreciate a man who is calm and careful in his decision making.
Ellison: The last time I went hunting for these things you want me to hunt, 20 other people died. I won't let that happen again.
Weaver: Nor should you.
Ellison: These things...they're evil.
Weaver: We have to be careful Agent, not to anthropomorphize a machine.
Ellison: These are more than machines, Miss Weaver. But I'll never make the mistake of thinking they're human.
Weaver: Two years ago, my husband and I were in a helicopter accident. He was killed.
Ellison: I'm sorry.
Weaver: He was flying us to Barstow. There was a microchip plant there doing some amazing things.
Ellison: So you're husband was a pilot.
Weaver: He had over 700 hours in that particular helicopter. It was his passion. (Pauses)
Ellison: This is difficult for you.
Weaver: The Kulishov A-85 is a beautiful flying machine. Like the most perfect bird. It's almost flawless in its design.
Ellison: Almost flawless?
Weaver: It needs a human to fly it.
Ellison: Are you saying that... machines make better decisions than humans?
Weaver: What I think is that in certain extreme conditions, even the most calm and careful of men panic. Help me find this machine, Agent. You and I'll take it apart piece by piece. I'm not sure what we'll find. But I doubt we'll find evil.

Ellison: Your husband's helicopter crash. I read the official report. The NTSB concluded, that mechanical failure was to blame.
Weaver: Mechanical failure. Correct.
Ellison: That's not what you led me to believe the other day.
Weaver: Correct.
Ellison: Which is it? What's the truth?
Weaver: You tell me.
Ellison: I think... what people write in reports... when it's official isn't always true. I think if I had a child, one that I knew would grow up asking what happened to her daddy... I think I would make sure that answer, the official answer, was the one I would want her to hear. I think you saw what you saw.
Weaver: Just as you saw what you saw.
Ellison: When can I start?

Ellison: So you own this nuclear plant, Serrano Point?
Weaver: I have an interest in it.
Ellison: Is this the same company you were referring to the other day? The one you wanted me to look into?
Weaver: It is.
Ellison: The near-meltdown a few weeks back, the news said an employee caused an accident.
Weaver: Mr. Ellison, there are no accidents. (She hands him a Terminator eye fragment)

"Goodbye to All That"

Ellison: You see how the metal is twisted? You can have the Steelers' entire offensive line tuggin' on that valve and not generate enough force to do that.
Weaver: So you agree it was a machine, as I thought.
Ellison: Two machines. One machine ripped the valve open, and I'm guessing the other closed it. And I'm pretty sure there was a fight between them.
Weaver: Two machines. This is new. Where did they come from? Why did they fight?
Ellison: Um, I wish I knew. I wish any of this made sense. I do know I'm not the only one asking questions. The plant manager, Nelson. He wants the NRC to investigate. It'll be a nightmare.
Weaver: That will complicate our respective goals, won't it, James?
Ellison: What would those respective goals be?
Weaver: I'd like my company to lead the world into the next century. And I'm fairly sure you're an avenging angel. So let's keep looking. Before the nightmare begins.

"Brothers of Nablus"

Weaver: (Inside Weaver's office) I read the witness report.
Ellison: So did I.
Weaver: He comes across as crazy, doesn't he?
Ellison: Who wouldn't?
Weaver: You, if you'd tell me the truth. There was another one of you, wasn't there? A twin?
Ellison: Yes.
Weaver: Where is it now?
Ellison: I don't know.
Weaver: Why did it come?
Ellison: I think I'm being tested.
Weaver: Like Job?
Ellison: You know the story?
Weaver: He suffered worse than any man before him. Everything he loved was taken away. Everything but his life.
Ellison: But he didn't renounce God. And God spared him.
Weaver: So, who spared you?


Weaver: So... what is it you want to show me?
Ellison: (Pops open the trunk of his car revealing Cromartie) We need to learn how they work. How to fight them. We can't allow history to repeat itself, not when we have the power to stop it. It's up to us now... the two of us.
Weaver: Yes... it is.

"Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"

Ellison: All we know are the facts. Means. Opportunity. But intent? Not even Mr. Murch can guess.
Weaver: Well, why did you ask him? Ask the Babylon A.I. Ask John Henry.
Ellison: John Henry? It has a name?
Weaver: That was something Dr. Sherman did. Gave it that name.
Ellison: It's not a person.
Weaver: No, but it's a mind. Talk to John Henry.

Weaver: What would you teach it? What would you teach it, if you could?
Ellison: If you want to teach it commands, start with the first ten.

Weaver: I thought about what you said. About rules. The Ten Commandments. I'm not qualified to teach John Henry those things. I don't know how. That's why Dr. Sherman was here. I want to show you something.
Weaver: (They go down the elevator to the basement) In folklore, John Henry raced a steam drill through a mountain. One man alone challenged the machine, armed with an iron hammer. They say he born with it in his hand.
Ellison: His heart gave out. He died, I know.
Weaver: John Henry defeated the machine. But he couldn't stop progress.
John Henry: (Weaver and Ellison enter the basement) Hello, Mr. Ellison. My name is John Henry. How are you today?

"Earthlings Welcome Here"

Ellison: The answer's still no. I can't do what you're asking.
Weaver: Shame. I thought a good night's sleep would change your mind.
Ellison: I didn't sleep.
Weaver: John Henry needs someone to talk to, now that Dr. Sherman is gone.
Ellison: Dr. Sherman is gone because he — it — killed him.
Weaver: It wasn't murder, Mr. Ellison. You said so yourself. You also said I was remiss in creating John Henry without teaching him right from wrong. This is our opportunity to correct that oversight.
Ellison: "Our" opportunity?
Weaver: Your religious faith and paternal instinct make you an ideal candidate to foster his moral development.
Ellison: That thing killed 20 FBI agents. It needs a whole lot more than just a talking to.
Weaver: The program responsible for those murders is gone. The John Henry program is no more responsible for the deaths of those FBI agents than you or I. Many believe tactile experience is integral to A.I. development. His body is merely a puppet. An interface. We control him. (Hands him a remote) You control him. (Ellison switches John Henry off)
Ellison: And when John Henry completes... his development... when he realizes what his puppet is capable of... do you know how powerful he'll be?
Weaver: Cows are more powerful than man, Mr. Ellison. But I'd still rather be the farmer with the rifle. Talk to John Henry. Teach him right from wrong. (She switches John Henry back on)

"The Good Wound"

Ellison: You've given John Henry access to the internet.
Weaver: John Henry has many questions. Mr. Murch thought it would be a good idea to give him the capacity to look for answers himself.
Ellison: Well, he's gotten very good at it. He'd make a hell of a detective, actually. Still, it seems unwise. Who knows what he'll find or who may find him.
Weaver: You're worried about outside forces influencing John Henry?
Ellison: I'm worried about what he's going to become. Who's gonna guide him?
Weaver: Why, you are Mr. Ellison. You.

"Today Is The Day, Part 1"

Ellison: We're wasting time.
Weaver: But it's working his game.
Ellison: What is wrong with you? Why are you not angry?
Weaver: Why should I be? We have a way to get her back.
Ellison: (Shouting at John Henry) Tell me where the child is! (Frustrated) Look, you asked me to teach him morals, ethics, and rules. What good is it if he's not gonna follow them?
Weaver: He will. If we let him learn the rules on his own.

"Adam Raised a Cain"

Weaver: Sarah Connor's alive?
Ellison: And she wants to meet you.
Weaver: She took my daughter.
Ellison: To protect her from a machine. It might be after you.
Weaver: How do you know?
Ellison: I saw the security tapes.
Weaver: You did? John Henry, I suppose.
Ellison: I asked John Henry to hide them.
Weaver: From me?
Ellison: From everyone. Including you.
Weaver: I can't say that pleases me.
Ellison: I think you should do what she asks. You should go meet her.
Weaver: I'm staying here.
Ellison: Why?
Weaver: Someone needs to protect John Henry.
Ellison: John Henry? This is your daughter. There's a machine out there looking for her. You need to protect her.
Ellison: (They enter an elevator) I'm sorry.
Weaver: You should be.
Weaver: What you need to understand, Mr. Ellison, what I believe you're beginning to understand, is that when my behavior implies that I value John Henry's survival more than that of my own daughter, is not because I love John Henry more than Savannah. It's because I believe Savannah's survival may someday depend upon John Henry's survival. And because I believe that your survival may someday depend upon John Henry's survival. I'll meet with Sarah Connor. Make it happen.

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