Assassination of John Connor (2nd attempt)

Pre-Judgment Day Missions


September, 2007


Los Angeles and Depot 37

  • None
  • All of Carter's henchmen

The Coltan Factory Conflict refers to the fight between Cameron Phillips, John Connor and Sarah Connor against Carter. Carter was building a factory for coltan manufacturing to build endoskeletons for The War Against The Machines.

The Battle

Cameron warns "Cromartie is here, now," to John and Sarah. They follow Cameron to the living room where she shows them a newspaper article about an arsonist causing a fire at a dock in Oakland, which resulted in the re-routing of a shipment of coltan to the docks in Los Angeles. She tells Sarah and John that coltan is one of the primary elements used in the endoskeleton of future terminator models. Sarah isn't convinced until Cameron shows her the news footage from their arrival into the year 2007 and zooms in on a fragment that appears to be Cromartie's head. Cameron suggests that they take action soon. Sarah makes plans to head for Mexico, but John protests, arguing that Cromartie will be weaker and that it's time to stop running and start fighting. After a short argument, Sarah agrees and they make plans to hunt down the shipment of coltan.

Sarah, John, and Cameron are in a warehouse setting C-4 charges to disable Cromartie and destroy the coltan. The truck leaves the warehouse before Cromartie ever arrived. John spots some men in boxers and undershirts realizes that somebody just stole the coltan. They follow the truck to another warehouse. Waiting outside, Cameron explains that coltan is used because it has a much higher melting point than the endoskeleton used on the T-600 models. Sarah notices military tags and a short dispute between some of the men. Cameron spots a terminator, but it is not Cromartie.

At the warehouse, John and Sarah argue about trying to follow the shipment to its next location. After refusing to continue the mission and recommending they "step back," Sarah gets in the vehicle to leave. She then sees John climbing back into the warehouse. He goes inside and plants his cell phone in the truck to track the movement of the coltan, but is trapped inside when the crew locks up and pulls out of the warehouse.

Sarah and Cameron are confronted by one of Carter's henchmen and held at gunpoint before Sarah disarms him. They return home to track John via the internet when the signal goes dead after his phone falls down and breaks. Mike, one of Carter's assistants, is riding in the back and finds the phone before John knocks him unconscious.

Sarah laments losing John and Cameron reminds her that it's not her fault and that John needs to learn to be more assertive in the near future to lead mankind effectively.

Sarah and Cameron have tied up the worker who held them at gunpoint outside the warehouse and Sarah is asking him for information. She hits him several times, threatening to torture him until he talks. She leaves him with Cameron. The three are then shown driving through the desert towards an old gunnery range. Their specific destination is Depot 37.

John is in the truck when it stops at Depot 37. Carter's men don't see Mike, the man left inside, and assume he abandoned the operation, saying he had been acting strange. Sarah and Cameron leave their informant in a minefield on the way to Depot 37. Cameron says it would have been more efficient to kill him, but Sarah reminds her that she doesn't always operate logically.

John sneaks out of the truck and sees Carter execute his two accomplices before standing guard at the door. Sarah and Cameron arrive to find Depot 37 empty. Cameron confirms that the location is the future site of a terminator-building factory, saying that coltan becomes rare in the future because of explosions and was stored at Depot 37 in the nuclear fallout bunker to protect it.

Mike wakes up and confronts John. John calms him down and tells him that Carter killed his teammates. Mike then confronts Carter and is killed. John tests Carter and determines that he can't hear anything, so he calls his mom.

His mom tells him that she is on the other side of the door and that Carter is in standby mode. She asks him to open the door and run as soon as it opens. Cameron tells them that it takes 15 seconds for Carter to reboot from standby mode.

John takes the keys from Carter and opens the door, then gets in the truck. Cameron confronts Carter and fights with him while John and Sarah try to get the truck into gear. After the truck is moving, Carter stops it until Sarah shoots him. They drive out and Cameron locks Carter inside.

Sarah, John, and Cameron return home.


It is unknown what happens to Carter when his is trapped in Depot 37.



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