The Converted Moto-Terminator before being reprogrammed.

This Moto-Terminator was originally patrolling on the road somewhere nearby the Tech-Com base. It got attention of the sound from "You Could Be Mine" from a boombox placed in the mid of the road by John Connor.

The Terminator immediately headed for the source of the sound in high speed, only to meet an accident due to the trap set up by John Connor with a thick rope.

Upon seeing the Terminator is down, John quickly comes to its side and grabs it. John removes its optical sensor and uses a device to override its program successfully. Now, the Terminator is his.

John rides the Terminator to the ruin of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and possible abandons it there since the bridge is no longer for any vehicle running on it.

Later, the Terminator's optical sensor is used by John Connor to access the control panel on a door in Skynet Central to unlock the door.


  • Moto-Terminator with John Connor (6-inch Action Figures, 2009)
A 6" figure of the vehicle seen in the film with 2 pop-out guns with missile launchers. Includes a 3/4" scale John Connor that can drive that bike. The Moto-Terminator's control panel is convertible between Skynet mode and Resistance mode.



John Connor rides the Converted Moto-Terminator.

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