Cop in Alley

The Cop

The "Cop in Alley" is a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.


The Terminator

The cop was on patrol with another police officer when he noticed a topless man in the street and told him to hold it as he looked like a criminal. However, what the cop didn't know was that the man was Kyle Reese, a solider from the future, but he didn't know what the cops were and ran. The cop took thought he was a criminal and began to chase him. After some chasing, Reese stole the cops side-arm from him. He demanded to know the time. The cop said it was 12 May, Thursday. Reese demanded to know what year it was, much to the cop's confusion. Another cop car arrived and forced Reese to run. The cops and some other cops ran into a shop and tried to find him. The cop looked up some stairs and moved on, not knowing that Reese was up there. Reese stole a shotgun from the cops car. Reese managed to get away. The cop got back into his car and drove off to find Reese but would have no luck as Reese had gone the opposite way to complete his mission. The Terminator

Behind the Scenes


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