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This is a detailed account of known terminations performed by Cromartie. Of those listed here include both successful and attempted terminations of both humans and fellow Terminators.

Successful Terminations

Episode 1.01: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode

  • Mr. Ferguson: Cromartie targeted him for termination so that he could take his lessons at the Crest View High School as a substitute teacher.
    • Method: Unknown. Most likely asphyxiation or gunshot injury.

Episode 1.02: "Gnothi Seauton"

  • Chet & his dog: Chet was unlucky enough to cross paths with Cromartie's endoskeleton amongst the remains of the bank.
    • Method: Chet suffered an injury, most likely the severance of a main artery and/or had his head removed. His dog likely shared a similar fate.
  • Highway Maintenance Man: Cromartie's endoskeleton tracked its endo-skull to the shack of a highway cleaner who'd found it during his work.
    • Method: Cromartie snapped his neck.

Episode 1.03: "The Turk"

  • Dr. Fleming: Cromartie sought out Fleming for the purpose of gaining a new biological infiltration sheath.
    • Method: Unknown. Cromartie removed his eyes after his death to cover his own.

Episode 1.04: "Heavy Metal"

  • Dr. David Lyman: Cromartie needed plastic surgery to right the mistakes of his sheath re-growth.
    • Method: Cromartie snapped his neck.
  • George Laszlo: George was chosen as the template for Cromartie's sheath and, by standard protocol, was terminated to avoid identity confusion.
    • Method: Blunt trauma to the head as a result of Cromartie slamming his skull into a mirror.

Episode 1.08: "Vick's Chip"

  • Desk Officer: When Cromartie failed to provide an official government signed letter, the officer refused to allow him access to the youth database.
    • Method: Cromartie snapped his neck.

Episode 1.09: "What He Beheld"

  • Hostage Rescue Team: His identity compromised, Cromartie was assaulted by a team of twenty H.R.T.
    • Method: Varied. Some where killed through brute force, others were shot or thrown to their deaths.
  • Greta Simpson: Greta was among those who led the assault on Cromartie's apartment.
    • Method: Cromartie shot her in the side of the face.

Episode 2.07: "Brothers of Nablus"

  • The Ellison Terminator: This machine's purpose was to replace James Ellison, but this conflicted with Cromartie's current mission to terminate John Connor, as Ellison was a possible lead to locating the boy.
    • Method: Cromartie drove a shaft of metal through the machine's back and then dug his arm through the hole and tore out its power cell.

Episode 2.08: "Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today"

  • Mexican Police Officers: In an attempt to terminate John Connor, Cromartie infiltrated and terminated several police officers at the jail where John and Riley were being held.
    • Method: Cromartie raided the police station and shot several of the officers at point blank range.

Attempted Terminations

Episode 1.01: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode

  • John Connor: During the course of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode, Cromartie had many attempts at terminating John, only for his assassinations to be thwarted by the combined efforts of Cameron and Sarah.
    • Failure 1: Cromartie pulled a gun on John in class and tried to shoot him, but Cameron shielded the boy, allowing him to escape through the window.
    • Failure 2: Cromartie once again held John at gunpoint in the car park, but was subsequently run down from behind with a truck driven by Cameron.
    • Failure 3: Cromartie lured John back to the safe house and shot him dead, only to discover that he'd actually shot Cameron instead.
    • Failure 4: Cromartie attacked the Connors at the Dyson Residence but was once again deterred by Cameron, who caught him with a car bomb, though not without wounding Sarah.
    • Failure 5: He tore down the heavy vault door of the Los Angeles bank and entered the room, only to have his head blown off by Sarah with an energy weapon.
  • Sarah Connor: As with John, Cromartie made several attempts on Sarah's life, though she put up a fair fight on each occasion.
    • Failure: Whilst battling Cameron in the safe house, Sarah fired several shotgun rounds into him. Cromartie retaliated by shooting at her, but she ducked behind a Kevlar-laced armchair. He was subsequently attacked by Cameron again, allowing Sarah to flee.
  • Cameron Phillips: Were it not for Cameron, Cromartie would most definitely have succeeded in his assassination attempts, but she proved quite meddlesome towards his plans.
    • Failure: During the fight in the safe house, Cromartie had the upper hand in terms of strength and physical capability, but Cameron was able to use a live electrical wire to disable him and escape.

Episode 1.09: "What He Beheld"

  • James Ellison: Cromartie held Ellison at gunpoint and was poised to shoot the submissive agent.
    • Cancellation: Cromartie deemed him a valuable asset for his mission and therefore saw fit to spare him.

Episode 2.03: "The Mousetrap"

  • John Connor: Having lured John to the Santa Monica pier, Cromartie gave chase upon spotting the youth.
    • Failure 1: Cromartie held a fisherman at gunpoint, only to discover that John had cleverly exchanged jackets with the man in a bid to throw him off.
    • Failure 2: He fired several shots at John, who promptly jumped off the pier and into the sea to escape.
    • Failure 3: Jumping in after John, Cromartie sank like a brick and almost managed to drag John down with him, but he was able to slip free of his jacket and swim to the surface.
  • Sarah Connor: Cromartie kidnapped Michelle Dixon to lure Sarah into a trap so that he would be free to terminate John.
    • Failure: His plan was to bomb the cell phone tower so that it would crash down onto the building where Sarah, Derek, Charlie, and Michelle were. Sarah, Derek, and Charlie survived, however.

Episode 2.07: "Brothers of Nablus"

  • John Connor: Cromartie enlisted the aid of Jody to track down Cameron and John, retracing their steps in "Allison from Palmdale".
    • Failure 1: Whilst searching a grocery store, Cromartie came within a few feet of John and Riley, only to be distracted at a vital moment by a clumsy Jody.
    • Failure 2: Cromartie visits the Connor's safe house, meeting Riley at the door, and subsequently searching the house after hearing John load a shotgun. Riley convinces him that she is the only one there, however, and he leaves unawares.

Episode 2.08: "Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today"

  • John Connor: Cromartie intercepted a distress call from John Connor directed to Sarah Connor after taking her hostage. He traced it to a Mexican prison.
    • Failure 1: While searching the prison and terminating resistance to his mission, Cromartie inadvertently created a distraction which allowed John and Riley to escape with the assistance of James Ellison.
    • Failure 2: Cromartie tracked James Ellison into a nearby church expecting Ellison to lead him to the Connors. It was, instead, a trap and Cromartie was attacked by the Connors and terminated by John himself.

Possible/Indirect Terminations

Episode 1.02: "Gnothi Seauton"

  • Homeless Person: Cromartie acquired ragged clothes from somewhere, most likely a homeless person, to conceal his exposed endoskeleton.

Episode 1.03: "The Turk"

  • Hospital Worker: The worker tried to stop him from stealing blood packages and was subsequently hurled through a solid door, colliding with the wall where he lay unmoving.
  • Security Guard: The guard charged Cromartie, who held up his palm and smashed the guard to the ground.

Episode 1.05: "Queen's Gambit"

  • FBI Agent: It is possible that Cromartie killed an actual FBI agent and stole his badge in order to infiltrate the Bureau.

Episode 2.03: "The Mousetrap"

  • Michelle Dixon: Cromartie destroyed a cell tower, which collapsed onto the shack where he'd tied up Michelle, resulting in her being injured by a piece of shrapnel and later bleeding to death in a hospital.

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