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The Cyberdyne Systems Model (CSM) is a line of various Hunter-Killers created by Skynet with the technology left by Cyberdyne Systems.

Known Models

Model Name Series Designation Type
CSM-050 Sentinel D-100 Defensive Installation
CSM-100 Seeker A-100 Floating mine
CSM-101 Terminator T-800 Infiltrator Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-102 Terminator T-808 Medium Assault Infiltrator Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-104 Terminator T-803 Light Assault Infiltrator Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-105 Terminator T-804 Tactical Infiltrator Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-107 Terminator T-810 Advanced Stealth Infiltrator Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-111 Terminator T-806 Recon Infiltrator Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-200 Javelin G-500 Close Assault Bipedal Hunter Killer Non-Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-300 Dragon A-1000 Aerial Hunter Killers Non-Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-400 Scorpion A-2000 Aerial Hunter Killers: Assault/Suppport Non-Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-450 Manta A-3000 Heavy Assault Aerial Hunter Killers Non-Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-500 Eradicator G-1000 Heavy Assault Ground Hunter Killer Non-Humanoid Hunter-Killer
CSM-1000 Guardian (Not Available) Protection Non-Humanoid Hunter-Killer

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