"Cyberdyne security guard #ㄅ" was a security guard in the Cyberdyne building.

Terminator Genisys timeline

This guard and a third unnamed security guard went out to investigate a sudden copter crash on the building's front yard. He told another guard at the reception desk to alert the police.

This guard and the third guard's bodies were later seen after the fact, having both been killed by the T-3000, by Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese and the Guardian as they walked in to go destroy the future Skynet headquarters and thwart the T-3000's diabolical plot. Terminator Genisys


  • Despite being titled as "Security Guard #1," this character is actually the second person seen in the scene. The first character seen is the second guard played by actor Terry Dale Parks. The third guard is portrayed by an unknown performer.
  • This guard is one of the few killed yet not impersonated in any form by the T-3000.



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