The same evening Sarah and John Connor destroy the T-1000 and the T-800 in the steel mill, they leave the city, seeking help and rest from Enrique Salceda in the city. They hope for a warm welcome, but find out he was killed by T-1000 who impersonating a police man and asked about John Connor the other day. They are met by Enrique's son, Franco, and his family, who are the only ones left there. Franco is so angry at Sarah, that he accidentally shoots her in the arm. After a few days at Franco's, Sarah feels remorse for what she has done to Tarissa Dyson's husband and wants to go back and meet her.

Meanwhile, the two detectives, Weatherby and Mossberg, are investigating Sarah Connor's escape from Pescadero State Hospital, and the traces ends at the steel mill. They are met by Mr. Spasky from FBI and Karyn Stern from NetWork Developments, which are currently keeping the area closed. Mossberg is able to keep Spasky and Karyn busy while Weatherby sneak inside. There, he is able to see the torn-off arm from the T-800 before he is discovered and thrown out. Karyn later has a meeting with the investors of NetWork Developments, who are interested in Cyberdyne's research. She is interested to find an intact Terminator, but knows that Sarah Connor could be a problem for them.

Outside Los Angeles, three Terminators are arriving from the future: two T-800 and one T-1000 sent by Skynet.


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