David Fields with his wife Anne

David Fields was the father of Lauren Fields, the husband of Anne, and the stepfather of Sydney. In 2008, his wife became the target of Skynet after she became pregnant following an affair with neighbor Roger Shafer.


While vacationing with his family at their cabin, David Fields and his family were visited by Sarah Connor and Cameron. Sarah initially theorized that David was the one that the machine was after because of his position as a banker and his business dealings with a company called Sindine Cybernetics. A short time later he discovered that his wife had been having an affair and was pregnant. Sarah soon realized that Terminator had been sent through time by Skynet to terminate his unborn stepdaughter because of the child's importance in the future.


The T-888 assessing David's threat level

After confronting his neighbor and wife about their actions, the Terminator returned. David went to confront it only to have it confirmed that he wasn't the one that the machine wanted. They eventually escaped and lived on the run from the machine. They were surviving in a small motel when Anne contacted Roger once more. The Infiltrator used this to track them. When the machine came he fought it long enough for his family to escape and was killed shortly afterward. "Alpine Fields"


  • David had a bulging disc in his back and took medication for it.


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