Dr. Lyman investigates the noise…

Dr. David Lyman was the plastic surgeon responsible for performing reconstructive surgery on the newly re-skinned Cromartie.

Season One


…finding Cromartie snooping through his patient files


Cromartie finds a match…


…and wants surgery now

Lyman is alone in his office when he hears a disturbance in the next room. When he investigates, he finds a strangely dressed man (Cromartie with his new skin, covered from head to toe with several layers of clothing) snooping through his computer's patient files. Cromartie, comparing the various faces he sees, finds the face of unemployed actor George Laszlo (who had recently undergone rhinoplasty), and realizes that the actor's facial structure is a 92% match to his own. Cromartie then asks, with his back turned, if Dr. Lyman does facial reconstructive surgery. After Lyman insists that he make an appointment, Cromartie reveals his scarred face, saying "Now".

Though not actually shown, Cromartie kills Dr. Lyman after the successful surgery by snapping his neck. Dr. Lyman had not administered anesthesia before or during the surgery. Agent Ellison leads the investigation into his death, thinking that George Laszlo is the prime suspect.


Lyman: You shouldn't be back here. The office is closed.
Cromartie: You do reconstructive surgery?
Lyman: You need a consultation. You'll have to call Monday.
Cromartie: I need reconstructive surgery.
Lyman: You can either just leave now or I can call the police. Your choice.
Cromartie: (turning, removing his mask) Now.

Behind the Scenes

Dr. David Lyman was portrayed by Sean Smith.


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