Dennis Reese

Dennis Reese is the father of Kyle Reese and the paternal grandfather of John Connor. Dennis married Mary Shea and the two welcomed Kyle in 2002.


T2 Trilogy timeline

Dennis was commander-in-chief of the Ozark Redoubt. His son Kyle and wife Mary were captured by Luddite Patrol A-36 under the command of Sam Marshall AS-783490 and delivered to a Death camp to serve as slaves. Ironically, his grandson John Connor led an assault against the Luddite extermination camp three years later. Although they are almost rescued by Connor and other Tech-Com soldiers, Dennis and his wife Mary were killed by a Terminator during the assault on the camp. T2: The Future War

Dynamite Entertainment timeline

During Kyle's childhood, his father taught him how to hunt with a sniper riffle. Terminator: Revolution issue #4

Note: It is unknown whether the man who taught Kyle to hunt is his father or not since he called Kyle "Reese" instead of his first name.

Terminator Salvation timeline

Kyle mentioned his father to Marcus Wright as having initially survived the Judgment Day but died at a certain point before Marcus arrived Los Angeles.

Terminator Genisys timeline

In the original timeline, he was killed during the War against the Machines. The couple used to tell their son about the live before the Judgment Day.

Mr. Reese is alive in an alternate timeline, where he and his wife and young Kyle were called to the police station. The Reese family were asked if they knew the man, the older Kyle, inside the interrogation room. None of them knew him, just feeling the man looks familiar. His wife said the man looked much like him. After a while, when the police station was attacked by the T-3000, Sarah helped the family to evacuate from the scene. Terminator Genisys



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