106SCC Derek vs The Rogue

Derek fighting The Rogue in Depot 2

Depot 2 is a Resistance Bunker in Los Angeles in 2027.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Derek Reese went here after he found his old bunker raided by Skynet. Derek wanted to speak to John Connor about the disappearance of his brother, Kyle. Perry said that he couldn't talk to Connor. Derek then saw Cameron Phillips walking by, and knew instantly that she was a Terminator and almost shot her with a pistol. Perry stopped him and explained the concept of reprogramming Terminators, which Derek highly disapproved of. When Derek was resting, a rogue reprogrammed Terminator started to attack the bunker with a machine gun. Derek started to shoot it, doing little to it. When the Terminator was about to kill him, Cameron pushed it through a wall and shot it with a grenade launcher. "Dungeons & Dragons"



Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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