Lieutenant Dietze was a member of the crew of the USS Jimmy Carter and a member of the Special Operations team aboard the ship. He had a close relationship with his superior officer: Jesse Flores.

Season Two

On September 13, 2027, Dietze lead a team to a Deep Sea Oil Platform located deep inside the Skynet Zone in the Pacific Ocean. He was ordered to recover a package from the outpost for immediate delivery to John Connor at Serrano Point Nuclear Power Plant. He was given the package by a group consisting of a Series 600[1] infiltrator and two Series 888[2] endoskeletons.

Against orders he released the Series 1000 that was contained inside the box. A short time later, due to his paranoia, he attacked Commander Flores claiming her to be a "metal lover" in the Mess Hall of the Jimmy Carter. During the fight Queeg killed him.



  1. Series 600
  2. Series 888

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