Dmitri Losenko was a General in the Resistance and a staff member of Resistance Central Command, serving as General Hugh Ashdown's Second-In-Command. Losenko served as a leader in the War Against the Machines until his death at the hands of Skynet.

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Much of Losenko's past is unknown, but he was at one point married to a woman named Katerina, but they divorced without having children. Losenko made up for lacking a family of his own by befriending a fellow officer; Alexei Ivanov, and took him as his protege, as well as his family, and was close to them until Judgment Day.

Losenko was a Captain First Rank in the Russian Navy, serving as commander of the Gorshkov, a nuclear ballistic missile submarine in the Northern Fleet. Losenko, himself, was a loyal & decorated officer, having served many years in the Russian Armed Forces to help keep the peace.

In 2003, Judgment Day happened. It initially appeared, however, that it was the United States launching a nuclear attack, unleashing its entire nuclear arsenal upon the world. Losenko, acting on the direct and confirmed authentic orders of Fleet Command, had no choice but to retaliate - with, due to their position, Losenko targeting strategic targets in Alaska. Even as he gave the order to counter-attack and kill millions of innocent people, Losenko, though carrying out his duty and keeping his crew working, simply couldn't understand why the attack had been launched, finding nothing was making sense.

For months afterward, Losenko and his crew, cut off and alone, sailed back to Russia to find survivors, but efforts were slow and the crew's morale began sinking. Losenko, also, had to bear the responsibility of being the highest-ranking Russian military officer left alive, as well as having to contend with Ivanov's anger problems; Ivanov's family died on Judgment Day, and so Ivanov himself consistently blamed the Americans, with his attitude eventually corrupting his view and judgment and Ivanov ended up badly affecting his crewmates, until Losenko finally stepped him and made him swear, on his family's memory, to keep his anger under control for the sake of the crew. During their voyage, the Gorshkovs radio operators got their first information via. radio on Skynet and its efforts on Judgment Day, and Losenko realized that it made have been responsible for what transpired on that day.

Losenko was not truly convinced until he made an effort to send a party of his men onto the mainland to find survivors, only for them, and almost all of the second party which was personally led by Losenko himself, to be cut down by Skynet's Terminators. Losenko narrowly survived the encounter, and he along with the only other two surviving sailors among the parties, were rescued by a pair of Russian refugees who told them of Skynet's efforts to wipe out mankind through the usage of Terminators, and human collaborators. The group parted ways, and Losenko and the others withdrew to the safety of the Gorshkov.

Knowing the Gorshkov had arrived in an area where the Resistance was now active, and firmly believing Skynet and the Terminators were real and set upon their genocidal objective, Losenko had the Gorshkovs radio operators to gather up every scrap of information they could from local broadcasts concerning Skynet and the Terminators — including copies of John Connor's broadcasts, with Losenko quickly developing a respect and admiration for the man for his knowledge of Skynet and efforts to supply others with the information people around the world desperately-needed to survive. Having already gained a general picture of what was happening out in the world, Losenko shared it among the rest of the senior staff (Ivanov, naturally, was the only one not to believe what was transpiring).

It was here the Gorshkov was approached by a Russian warship that Losenko quickly realized was being commanded by human collaborators. The warship was attacked by a pair of American helicopters loyal to the Resistance and, after much deciding and over Ivanov's protests, Losenko decided to agree to the Resistance's calls for assistance and fired upon and destroyed the warship with all hands. Losenko and his crew rescued the pilot of one of the downed helicopters. Losenko was disappointed to learn Connor (at this point) was still only a civilian and not part of the Resistance, but nevertheless accepted the invitation to attend a summit of all surviving military leaders around the world, set by an American four-Star General; Hugh Ashdown.

Losenko attended the summit, which was fragile and fraught with in-decision and debate, and it was here he and Ashdown developed a mutual respect that, with time, would turn to friendship. There was, however, a complication - Ashdown's only son and an U.S. Air Force soldier, was killed on Judgment Day when his base, in Alaska, was destroyed. A horrified Losenko realized that it was his actions on Judgment Day that almost certainly killed him. Losenko, not wanting to have any secrets between them if they served together in the Resistance, confessed all to Ashdown. In the end, the summit largely collapsed due to its inability to function together, and some delegates departed, though many remained to form a core Resistance leadership group, with Ashdown being appointed as the Commander of the Resistance. Ashdown appointed Losenko as a member of his staff, specifically his Second-In-Command, having grown an immense respect for him in the short time they had met, despite what he knew regarding his son's fate. Ashdown, with his new authority, promoted Losenko to General then and there.

The summit was attacked by Skynet's forces, alerted by the other Russian delegate at the summit (who also happened to be an old friend of Losenko). Losenko ended up killing the collaborator, and escaped with Ashdown and the other leaders to Ashdown's base of operations; the USS Wilmington, and were able to escape with help from the Gorshkov (Ivanov, having been left in command, had finally come to the decision to aid the Resistance in its hour of need). The Gorshkov, however, was by this time aging and decrepit with wear, age and damage it sustained in other battles, and so, having already been damaged in the fight, was pushed past its limit and sank, though Ivanov and the majority of the crew were rescued successfully.

Over the next 15 years, Losenko continued to serve the Resistance, and eventually aided in the hunt for the elusive control code - supposedly a code signal that allowed direct control of the machines, and with it in Resistance hands, could allow them to shut Skynet down. Ashdown, himself, was set upon finding and utilizing the code and, while Losenko agreed, he did not focus all of his hopes on the code, as well as not allowing his vision to be clouded (like Ashdown had). To this end, Losenko (having, with time, realized Ashdown, though being an effective leader, was not the type of leader that Connor was; Losenko believing Connor was the type of leader they needed to win the war), defied Ashdown's commands and dispatched Ivanov in a Resistance warplane to Alaska to lend desperately needed air support to the Alaskan Resistance, led by Losenko's friend Molly Kookesh, during Operation Ravenwing. Ivanov, his anger having been gradually released over time, saved the Operation at a critical moment and allowed the Alaskan cell to succeed, with Ivanov perishing valiantly in the battle.

Later, Losenko was summoned by Ashdown, and so expected to be disciplined for what transpired. Instead, he learned the code had been found at a Skynet VLA; and so Ashdown ordered General Olsen, among whose men included Connor and his Tech Comm Unit, to raid and secure the facility's information; which included the code.

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Losenko did not face any repercussions of his decision to send Ivanov to support Operation Ravenwing, and so, along with Ashdown and the other members of Command, centered their efforts on developing the now-captured code for field use, with Losenko supporting Ashdown's plan to launch an offensive on Skynet Central (the time of the offensive, was moved up in reaction to an intercepted Skynet kill list; which stated matter-of-factly everyone on the Wilmington, including Losenko, would be dead by week's end; in 4 days time).

Connor, defying orders, journeyed to Command and forcibly boarded the Wilmington, in reaction to the sudden destruction of the Skynet facility he and his men, led by Olsen, had raided and unknowingly secured the code amongst a great deal of data which was sent on to Command prior to the nuclear explosion that destroyed the facility and killed all saved for Connor himself. Connor demanded to know what they had found down in the underground facility that Command wanted so much. Ashdown, naturally, wanted to brief Connor on a need-to-know basis. Losenko, however, was more sympathetic to Connor than Ashdown and told him of the signal. When Connor volunteered to field test the code, Losenko supported Connor before Ashdown, saying Connor and his John Connor's Tech Comm Unit had an excellent record, and so Ashdown agreed. With Connor now having been given all the details, the meeting ended and Connor was taken to the surface for departure. Before this, however, Losenko gave him a flash drive containing the code, for use in field testing, and warmly wished him luck. When Connor further inquired why the offensive was being rushed so much, Losenko told him of the kill list, saying Connor himself was No. 2 on the list of priority targets, and, much to Losenko's confusion, an unknown civilian member; Kyle Reese, was No. 1.

When the offensive was ordered launched by Ashdown, with all preparations and development & distribution of broadcast transmitters configured for usage of the code completed, Command, however, found all of its operational elements standing down at Connor's request. Connor had been previously relieved of his command and place in the Resistance, and ordered arrested by an irate Ashdown when Connor attempted to delay the attack so he and his own force could raid Skynet Central and rescue it's captured prisoners (which included Reese). Losenko, along with Command, were now focused on using the signal to end the war, and so Losenko did not support Connor or try to change Ashdown's mind. Losenko was first to realize the Resistance was now following Connor, and not Ashdown.

It was ultimately revealed (in a conversation between Marcus Wright and Skynet itself) that the code was, indeed, fake. It was a trap laid by Skynet for the Resistance to find and unknowingly broadcast the locations of each of its bases all over the world, and allow Skynet and it's machine armies to wipe them out and end the war in their favor. Because of Connor, however, the Wilmington was the only Resistance base to broadcast the signal, and so, while the Resistance at large was saved from destruction, Command itself had condemned itself. As Wright and Skynet were speaking, an H-K tracked the Wilmington down, it's location triangulated and positioned by Skynet, and fired a single torpedo which sank the sub and killed all aboard, Losenko included, in the process.

In his final moments, Losenko realized Command's decision to pursue and utilize the code led to them destroying themselves.

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