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Dmitri Shipkov was a friend and business partner to the deceased Andy Goode.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1

Andy and Dmitri worked together to enter the Turk into a chess competition, the winner of which would get a military contract. Andy programmed the AI, while Dmitri taught it to play chess. "Queen's Gambit"

Dmitri purposefully changed the end game protocols so that The Turk would lose. He then stole the Turk and sold it to an unknown man, in order to earn money to pay the people who helped him bring his sister, Maria Shipkov, into the country. "Queen's Gambit"

After Andy Goode was killed, Dmitri went into hiding. Maria brought Cameron to Dmitri's hiding place, and Dmitri gave Cameron a slip of paper with information on the man who had bought the Turk from him. After that, Cameron left as Russian thugs entered the room and apparently shot both Dmitri and Maria to death. "The Demon Hand"

Behind the Scenes

  • Dmitri Shipkov was played by Ukrainan-born actor Mark Ivanir.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Cameron: (in Russian while holding up a diamond) I have money. (switching to English) You were the one that reported the Turk missing.
Dmitri: (referring to the diamond) Do you have more?
Cameron: (referring to the Turk) What happened to it?
Dmitri: A man came to see me, offered me money to steal the Turk. I owed a lot of money to the people who helped me bring my sister into this country. So I changed the end game protocols in order for it to lose its last match. If we'd won, and we would've won, I never could of gotten it out of there. We... I was paid money for it. Twenty-thousand dollars. It wasn't enough. (He sees the Russian thugs pull up to the curb outside)
Dmitri: (holding the diamond) I need more of these. Please! I need more of these.
Cameron: Who bought the Turk?
Dmitri: (hands Cameron a note) That's all I have. Okay?
Cameron: Thank you for explaining. (Cameron leaves)
Dmitri: Where are you going? Hey! Hey! Where do you go?
Maria: You promised you would help us! (The Russian thugs break in and start shooting Dmitri and Maria)
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "The Demon Hand"

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