Douglas was a member of staff at the Pescadero State Hospital with a penchant for inmate patient abuse. His predations (in Sarah's case, the face-licking he gave her while she was tied up and apparently catatonic) earned him special attention from her during her escape from the prison. He was knocked unconscious when Sarah Connor broke his nose with a broom handle. Terminator 2

T2 Trilogy Timeline

At the beginning of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Dr Silberman, his boss, ordered him to force Sarah to take a drug to prevent her taking over the interview that was going to be taking place in a few hours. Since she refused to take the drug, Douglas and his assistant tortured her with a taser and police baton to force her to take the drug.

Before he was killed at Pescadero, Douglas filed for disability and lived on those funds till they ran out. Becoming a homeless bum, he was panhandling outside the restaurant chosen by Sarah and Dr. Silberman for a therapy dinner out from the Encinas Halfway House with Agent Jordan Dyson. Before noticing Sarah, Douglas approached Dr. Silberman to beg for money or meds, but upon seeing her, flew into a short-lived rage, before suffering a repeat of their last encounter.

Behind the Scenes

  • The script of Terminator 2 describes Douglas as "6'4", 250 pounds and as warm-hearted as a rattlesnake".


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