Fleming prepares to slit open Cromartie's eyelids


Cromartie disrobes

Dr. Fleming was a medical scientist who specialized in cellular regeneration.

Season One

Cromartie broke into the home or office of Dr. Fleming and, after roughing him up, asked him if he had the ability to create synthetic flesh (Cromartie gave the doctor the working solution to the formula). The doctor replied that he could.

Dr. Fleming prepared the liquid solution and poured it into a bathtub. Cromartie then took all his clothes off and the doctor was shocked to see his robotic endoskeleton. After some time had passed, Cromartie rose from the solution, with flesh covering his entire body. Because of the unrefined nature of its application, his flesh did not look normal.

Later, Agent Ellison arrived at Dr. Fleming's home and saw blood on the floor and blood over the flesh formula on the wall, wiping most of it out. He went into a very bloodied bathroom and saw the doctor dead on the ground with his eyes missing.


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