ED-209s are law enforcement robots, 200 of which were deployed in pre-Judgment Day era Detroit. The robots showed a flawed pattern of logic, causing many unnecessary deaths of Detrot's citizens. Despite the malfunctions, the ED-209 robots were continually put on urban pacification duties.

Street Cleaning Violation

Resistance soldier Flo Langer encountered an ED-209 when she went back in time to murder Alex Murphy. While in an alley constructing, her makeshift plasma rifle, the ED-209 claimed she was in violation of Street Cleaning Ordinance 66B. After failing to lower her weapon, the unit was then authorized to use lethal force. Flo simply rolled between the unit's legs, causing the ED-209 to fall over while attempting to "adjust" for a target between its legs. She then destroyed it with one shot of her weapon.

Scanning for Cybernetic Activity

A pair of ED-209s were guarding Laimbeer Memorial Hospital when a trio of Series 800 Terminators were sent back in time to capture Alex Murphy. The two droids were ordered to scan for any cybernetic activity, and with Murphy standing between them they promptly started firing at him, he dodged the attack and one of the units was destroyed.

The surviving ED-209 was then able to engage a Series 800 Terminator in one-on-one combat and win. Upon the delivering the final blow, the 209 opted to fire a missile on the damaged endoskeleton at its feet, destroying the machine.


  • The G-500 looks similar to the ED-209.


Video games

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