Eagle Rock Bunker was a Resistance fortification in use during the War against the Machines.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

In 2027, Skynet selected Eagle Rock to serve as a test site for a synthetic biological weapon for use against the Resistance. The virus killed all of the bunker's personnel and refugees except for Sydney Fields. Knowing her importance, a rescue mission was authorized with a scrubbed terminator selected to lead the mission. Due to the importance of the mission, Lieutenant Derek Reese petitioned General Perry to allow him to investigate. The distress signal was also answered by the Resistance submarine Jimmy Carter with Commander Jesse Flores being assigned to investigate. "Alpine Fields"

Terminator Salvation: The Game

In 2016, John Connor, Blair Williams, Barnes, and Angie Salter contacted Eagle Rock Bunker for support during their attempt to rescue David Weston.



  • Eagle Rock Bunker is mentioned, but not seen, during the events of the game.

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