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Eight is the specialized intelligence gathering unit designated a Watcher, designed from a modified Series 800 chassis by Clea Bennet and Alissa. Produced in their Montana Secret Terminator Lab and using one of the other terminators to execute the harder physical labor, the limb matrices for the endoskeleton were shortened, additional melanin and a greater distribution of body hair was incorporated into the living tissue development formula, resulting in a cyborg with the appearance of a squat Turkish wrestler, a radical departure from the baseline Model 101 configuration.


Mission Priority: Remain undetected.

  • If the opportunity presents itself, Terminate.
  • Creation of infiltration opportunity required, employee Termination authorized.
(Subject Ralph Kurtz selected and terminated, intelligence units prepare and issue employee replacement documentation, assignment: Janitor).
  • Infiltration of Encinas Halfway House accomplished.
  • Subject Peter Silberman located, known association with primary target. Revised infiltration sheath effectiveness 45% (+/-5%)assessment = suspicion; response, avoid direct contact, continue observation
  • Primary target Sarah Connor located, request Termination? Denied, maintain observation


  • Model Unique infiltration sheath[1]
    • Skin Graft matrix-material from a contemporary surgical-supply store, enhanced with future-tech chemicals extracted from the I-950's own blood.
    • Teeth collected from a series of contemporary dental-supply companies
    • Glass eyes
    • modification: Titanium Steel claws concealed under nails.
    • modification: Limbs radically shortened.
    • modification: Living Tissue cartilage matrix, melanin levels, and hair allocations modified.
  • Infiltrator protocols uploaded from I-950
  • Latest generation future-tech Neural Net CPU smuggled from 2029[2]
  • Three latest generation future-tech compact power cells smuggled from 2029[3]



Dr. Silberman: (catching Watcher in his office) What are you doing here?
Watcher: I am the new janitor. (presents featherduster as proof)
Dr. Silberman: Oh? What happened?
Watcher: I don't know. I was just told to come here from now on.


  1. Modified from Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, Dieter von Rossbach template for the Model 101 in the T2: Infiltrator timeline
  2. T2: Infiltrator
  3. T2: Infiltrator

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