Ellis Ruggles Fazer

Ellis Ruggles with Peanut and the Electro-Mech Fazer

Electro-Mech Fazer effect

The Electro-Mech Fazer's effect

The Electro-Mech Fazer is an anti-terminator weapon assembled in the past by resistance fighter Ellis Ruggles from a combination of contemporary components and critical future-tech elements he carried internally through the time displacement equipment in an unmentionably uncomfortable way. Unlike conventional Plasma weaponry, the Fazer discharges an electrical Ion bolt that disables electronics. A grazing shot was enough to temporarily drive off The Amazon while it was closing on the recently married Sarah Lang, now the 4th Sarah Connor [1]

Unfortunately, that would warn the terminator that it's opposition was armed with weaponry capable of disabling or destroying it, and it would be much more cautious in the future. Later, as Ellis attempted to smuggle Sarah and her musician husband Michael Connor out of San Francisco on the ferry the terminator would attack again. Mortally wounded, Ruggles and the electro-mech fazer were sinking in the bay with only the strength to get off one final shot to protect this woman from termination.

With a solid strike, the terminator collapsed to the deck, mostly disabled. However it retained enough functionality to clutch at the murderess [2] by the ankle and drag her overboard and into the depths.[3]


Comic Books


  1. The events of "One Shot" are concurrent with the events of The Terminator.
  2. Sarah Lang married Michael Connor only 13 days previous in a plot to murder the musician Connor in order to collect an inheritance he was attempting to live without.
  3. This scene was closely mirrored by the attempt by Cromartie to drown John Connor in "The Mousetrap".

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