Ellis Ruggles Fazer

Ellis Ruggles with Peanut and the Electro-Mech Fazer

Ellis Ruggles is an aged Resistance fighter who was been sent back to 1955 when he is 21 years old to watch over Sarah Connor in case another Terminator arrives.

He has spent his life in the past as a soldier and a cop, picks up on the chaos surrounding the events caused by the original Terminator. and follows the leads north to protect another Sarah Connor with an Electro-Mech Fazer, an anti-Terminator weapon whose future-tech unique components were smuggled back in time by Ruggles in an unmentionalbly uncomfortable way.

The Terminator: One Shot

Ellis Ruggles and his current animal companion, Peanut the pet monkey, snatched Sarah and Michael Connor from the roadblock as the Amazon laid waste to the police, covering them with a grazing shot from his Fazer. Explaining the Skynet, the future war, and the threat the Terminator poses, Ruggles planned to sneak the Connors out of the city on the ferry. The Terminator tracked them to the boat and a battle ensued. Ruggles ended up in the water with his weapon, mortally wounded. Knowing he has only one shot, he gave his life to mostly disable the Terminator.


  • He mentions Corporal Graves, an additional Resistance fighter sent to 1965, who arrived from the future on a freeway in Los Angeles and was hit and killed five seconds later.



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