The Endo Builders Group is a group of people around the world building the endoskeletons from the Terminator movies and new TV Show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The Endo Builders Group was founded by Michael Tait in hopes of getting people around the world to join and share this passion with the endoskeleton.

The site was put online Jan 30th 2007 at 07:53am. The group has many builders (200 registered members at the time of this posting) that are working on different projects such as resin endos, machined endos, T-800's, T-1's, T-X, and the new T-888 as seen in the Sarah Connor Chronicles. The site has a discussion forum for members to post updates and discuss their projects and share ideas. The site also launched its own weekly program called "Endobuilder's Workshop" on its network called "EBG TV!".

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