Hunter-Killer Drone
HK-Drone - Mini Hunter - T-1 Aerial - FK - Kaliba Drone - Aerostat - HK-Scout

The FK (Flyer Killer) is a type of Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer flying machine built by Skynet. [1]

It is a direct successor to the HK-Drone and represents a miniature version of the HK-Aerial armed with twin plasma cannons, with three rockets under each wing and two under the nose. [2]

It uses three rotatable jets for locomotion and is very maneuverable. At only 3.5 feet in length 1.5 in width and .8 feet tall it makes a small target when moving. But because of its size it has little armor and cannot take much damage before its destruction. It sees in the familiar red tinted vision of the Series 8xx. Its rockets and cannons are deployed out of slots in its sides when it finds a target. It is used mainly for patrols and when attacking targets of opportunity.




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