The "Fake Sarkissian" was originally thought to be Sarkissian himself, but was actually just one of his minions, who was sent to negotiate with Sarah Connor and Derek Reese over buying the Turk 2.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

He is sent by the real Sarkissian to do the transaction of the Turk 2 to Sarah and Derek. They think he is the actual Sarkissian but is in reality only a frontman. He follows up on Sarah's call about purchasing the Turk and tracks her to the barrio lair of Carlos. He and another minion then kill several members of Carlos's gang (the frontman used a sword) to get information about Sarah Connor.

In an internet cafe, he directs Sarah to meet him with $500,000 for the Turk. However, when Sarah and Derek attempt to make the exchange, they find out the meeting was actually a setup to allow the frontman to get into the Connor's house while they were away and lay in wait for them. He attempts to blackmail Sarah for $2 million in order to not reveal her presence to the FBI. He manages to escape Sarah's immediate wrath and they pursue him back to the Wifi cafe. He hid in a locked room, but Cameron punched through the wall, prompting a shocked look on his face; he was forced to flee. The fake Sarkissian sneaked up on John Connor and put a gun to his head, but Derek Reese takes one shot and kills the man, even though he could have easily hit John. After this, however, they are unable to locate the Turk 2.

Later when Cameron leaves the house to get John's birthday cake, she sees someone walking away from the car as she starts the engine. The person is the owner of the wifi business, and the mastermind behind the purchase of the Turk, Margos Sarkissian. As Cameron starts the engine of the car, it explodes with her in it. "What He Beheld"

Behind the Scenes


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