Because of the huge popularity after The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the Terminator franchise has just grown out of proportion and a lot of fan fiction has been made by fans who want to expand and add new things to the Terminator universe. Even that some fan made projects are good, they are not considered canon. A list of completely fan-made projects or alteration of original works are showed below.

Please visit the Terminator Fan Fiction Wiki for more information.

Fan Fiction Genres

Throughout the Terminator Fanfiction Universe there are mainly two distinct canons that a writer may pick when writing. There are Terminator fanfictions that strictly stay to the movies, the television series, or the story overlaps. In several cases, there are those writers that create an "alternate" universe that is closely or far from canon.

Rewritten Story

Yes, there are Terminator fanfictions. But also, there are many stories which were rewritten from fanfictions to be published books and E-books (such as Fifty Shades Trilogy). So, add the rewritten stories you know here, the stories which are based on Terminator fanfictions.

  1. Psychic Tale: Genesis
  2. TBA
  3. TBA

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

From the television series, TSCC, readers can find a large pool of stories located at However, there are two distinct ships ("ships" is short of "relationships") within the TSCC fanfiction, which are Jameron or Camerah.

  • Jameron: This ship is between John/Cameron. It is also the most popular between the two ships.

----- Dameron: This ship is between Derek/Cameron.

  • Camerah: In this ship, it is Cameron/Sarah. This ship is also considered "femslash" in the fanfiction community.
  • Derek/Sarah: A third ship that isn't quite as popular but is seen in the community.

Fan-made Projects



Destroyed Los Angeles in 2011 (Terminator: Bitwa Ostateczna vision)

  • Terminator Infiltration is a fan film made by Captain Andyman Productions.
  • Terminator Reckoning is a fan film made by Two Doors Prodcutions.
  • Terminator vs. RoboCop, or TVSR is a mash-up film trilogy made by AMDSFILMS.
  • Terminators vs. Aliens is an upcoming film made by heavymetalalien.
  • Terminator: Future Fate is made by Michael Tresca.
  • Terminator: Destiny is a T5 script written by award-winning screenwriter Marc Morgenstern. script



The Sarah Connor Chronicles Virtual Season depicts a Cameron/Sarah relationship.

Books, Comics, or Stories

  • Terminator:Ressurection. A fan made e-story about Skynet being destroyed, but a surviving terminator tries to recreate Skynet on an alien planet.


  • Terminator: Future Fate. [1] Is a role-playing modification for the D20 Modern game, created by Michael Tresca, Christopher T. Shields and Mark Billen. This game provide information about several terminators, weapons and equipments.

Altered projects


  • The Terminator: Extended edition. Terminator 1 as a more complete movie, extended with several missing scenes that truly add to character development and the storyline. Runtime: 116 minutes (original runtime: 108 minutes). Released by ADigitalMan. Info and a list of changes can be found here.
  • T2: ADigitalMan's Fourth Option Special Edition. Add 1 scene to the original movie. Released by ADigitalMan. Info and a list of changes can be found here.
  • T3: ADigitalMan's Alternate Edition. Cut and add a few deleted scenes from the original movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. The movie show a T-X which is more clear on her mission. Released by ADigitalMan on October 12, 2005. Runtime: 110 minutes (1 minute longer than the original). Info and a list of changes can be found here.
  • Terminator 3: T-HOPE Edition. Is a fan-edit of the original movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. It is said to be a darker movie where some scenes are left out. Released by T-Hope on November 18, 2006. Runtime: 105 minutes (4 minutes shorter). Info and a list of changes on v1 can be found here.
Recently a new version, T-HOPE Edition v2 has been released which fix a couple of scenes where the narration was hard to hear and one more scene was cut from the first fan-edit.

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