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"Future Terminator"
T800 T1 extra
Portrayed by: Franco Columbu
Franchise(s): Original timeline
First Appearance: The Terminator
Last Appearance: The Terminator: Dawn of Fate
Gender Program: Male
Status: Destroyed
Destroyed in: The Terminator: Dawn of Fate
Series: 800

The "Future Terminator" was a Series 800 Terminator, that assaulted a Resistance bunker where Kyle Reese was located.


When Kyle was looking at the photo given to him by John Connor, the Terminator attempted to infiltrate the base but was detected by the entry security team. Immediately upon detection, it threw off its cloak and revealed a Plasma Cannon and began killing every human in it's range. Kyle himself fired his Plasma Pulse Rifle at the Terminator, but the machine was undaunted. The Terminator then killed the dogs that the bunker employed to spot Terminators. The Terminator shot behind Reese causing an explosion, throwing the soldier forward as the Infiltrator endlessly fired at the soldiers, Kyle looked up only to see the faint glow of the Terminator's infrared eyes as it continued to kill the inhabitants of the bunker. The Terminator


  • This bunker is revisited as (by implication) the same site seen in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode "Dungeons & Dragons" shown both before and after the Terminator's raid. In the aftermath of the attack, Derek is told that a T-888 snuck in to the bunker and killed many of the people inside the bunker. However, The Future Terminator is a T-800, not a T-888. This, however, could be a result of the timeline shifting due to time travel.

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