Major General Hobbs is the Commandant at the Presidio Alto Military Academy. He allowed John Connor to attend the Academy on a trial basis for 3 weeks. In addition he "hired" Derek Reese as a Tactical Officer (TAC) for one week, until his replacement arrived. He also asked Cadet Captain Martin Bedell to keep on eye on Connor, posing as John Baum, while he attended the Academy and prepare him for OCC.

Behind the Scenes

According to the two writers that wrote the episode in which General Hobbs appears, there was a scene written in which Hobbs and Derek Reese talk about General Perry, who would have been a friend to Hobbs and Derek's commanding officer in the future. Information can be found on the podcast for "Goodbye to All That" on Fox's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles website.


General Hobbs: We see a lot of boys like your nephew, Lieutenant. Single mother, socially withdrawn, move around a lot, tend to cling to male authority figures. Lost his dad, you said, in the war?
Derek Reese: Killed. On a mission. Can't tell you any more than that.
General Hobbs: Don't know?
Derek Reese: Can't.
General Hobbs: I understand. Well...good grades, good test scores, good kid. Here's what I'll do. Three weeks as a plebe, if he likes it he can stay. Then we'll talk tuition.
Derek Reese: Thank you. I'll give him the news.


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