George McCarthy worked at Desert Canyon Heat and Air, a company working on drones.


At a certain point, McCarthy and security guard Ed Winston murdered the Thompson family. George McCarthy shot down in cold blood both Mr. Thompson, a fellow Desert Canyon Heat and Air plant employee, and his son Mike Thompson, who was dating Zoe McCarthy, George's daughter. In turn, Ed Winston similarly executed in cold blood Mrs. Thompson. The murder was recorded at the security station. "Desert Cantos"

Catherine Weaver heard about the drone project and, seeing a threat to her AI project John Henry, destroyed their plant, killing 32 employees. "The Good Wound" McCarthy, however, survived the slaughter. He panicked, telling his family he should have died. They decided to fake his death so he could hide, and also get insurance money. Weaver was aware he was still alive, and was emphatic on this point; she gave her private investigator, Walsh, an order to find him. "Desert Cantos"

McCarthy's employer, the Kabila Group, hosted a funeral for its employees, including McCarthy himself. His family also hosted a fake wake for him. "Desert Cantos"

The incident drew the attention of Sarah, John, Cameron and Derek. While the Connors questioned various relatives of the deceased at the funeral, Sarah followed Walsh into the community security station house, where she discovered the security station located underground, and came across small patch of blood on the floor, indicating Walsh had been shot. The Connors brought Zoe and her mother to the basement for interrogation, and happened to witness the murdering of the Thompson family by George McCarthy and Ed Winston on a video camera recording. Also, John found a mud covered boot further indicating that someone had been to the desert pond where cattle had mysteriously been killed. "Desert Cantos"

They found Walsh's body next to the desert pond. McCarthy was later seen driving off in truck carrying a drone that had emerged from that very pond. "Desert Cantos"


The prototype drone transported by George McCarthy may have been the same one that attacked Catherine Weaver in her Zeira Corporation corporate head office. "Born to Run" If so, the implied suggestions here are that either George McCarthy went back to working for the Kaliba Group or the Kaliba Group caught up to George, in which case, this would further imply that Zoe and her mother are out the insurance money settlement proceeds and that their lives may now be in danger due to George's attempted double cross.


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