Greg Plitt was an American fitness model and actor.

Filmography in Terminator franchise

Terminator Salvation


"Making off Hybrid Male"[citation needed]:

You also just got done filming Terminator 4. What was that like?
Being on the set of Terminator Salvation (T4) was the highlight of my career to date! Growing up, I remember vividly watching Arnold in all the Terminator films with my cousins and friends.
I even remember dressing up as a Terminator for Halloween, and now to be apart of the history and name of such an unbelievable collection of work that has touched so many people in so many ways makes me prouder then words can describe.
To add honor to already an unbelievable opportunity, the director, McG, was a class act stud to work for. His energy and professionalism inspired me to work my @ss off and burn the midnight oil to give it my all.
Whenever you work with total professionals whose talents are endless, the work produced by all is elevated to everyone's best.
Can you give us a little dirt on the character you played?
The character I play is called "Hybrid", and I am half human and half machine. I am the last machine stopping the humans breaking into Skynet's systems.
Not much more to say other than that. Well, I guess I can say I get my @ss kicked and die, but I am sure that was expected anyway!
What did your diet and training look like for this role?
Surprisingly enough, my character was considered the perfect human replica and I was wearing a full metallic suit for the duration of the film so I was unable to really show off the efforts in the gym on film.
It was funny though, the majority of the characters in the film are extremely dirty and almost grunge style, expect for me in my pressed suit.
Whenever we broke for lunch or dinner, everyone would rush off to the food, but before they would release me, I had put on a protective suit to ensure I stayed clean of everything. Talk about feeling like a diva... a bit uncomfortable!


He died on January 17, 2015 in Burbank, California, USA after being hit by a train while running between the rails. It was reportedly told by the police that he was standing on the tracks, and tried to outrace the train when it approached, to prove the efficiency of an energy drink for a commercial.

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