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This page is about cybernetic enhanced human, for human Infiltrator, see I-950 (T2 Trilogy).

Stone I-950

Examples of humans converted into I-950s[1]

The I-950 Skynet Initiate[2], or simply Initiate, is a cybernetic enhanced human.

Skynet created the Initiate from Resistance defectors or captives by modified them with cybernetic implants. These devices allow the enemy to control a human's actions by exciting pain centers within the brain. It is assumed the army of Initiates are led by the Resistance defector Gabriel Stone.

Known Initiates


  1. NOTE: The presence of external implants is an optional upgrade based upon mission parameters and may not always be present.
  2. An Initiate is referred to as an I-950 on a video screen in the game environment during the Asylum levels of the game The Terminator: Dawn of Fate.


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Initiates - Grays - Hybrids - T-3000 - Brainwashing
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