Resistance members sometimes use the word "it" to describe a Terminator.

This serves as a reminder that Terminators are not human, and should not be treated as such despite their appearance.


The Terminator

When Sarah Connor first encounters the T-800, she asks Kyle Reese how "that man" could have gotten up after being shot by Reese several times. Kyle replies that "It's not a man, it's a machine. Terminator. Cyberdyne Systems Model 101."

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

When Sarah tried to smash the T-800's chip, John Connor stopped her, yelling "No, don't kill him!", to which Sarah replied "It, John. It!.

Note: The scene was deleted in the theatrical version, but it was later restored in the Director's Cut version.

Terminator Salvation

When Blair Williams referred to Marcus Wright as "he" being the only one left when John asked about survivors during her investigation, John corrects her and says "Not he, Blair, it. It was the only one left, don't be naive."

Terminator Genisys

When Sarah refers to the Guardian as "him" being the only one there for her growing up, Kyle Reese corrects her telling her "It's not a [he]. [It]'s a machine".

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