Jane Connor

Jane Connor is an anomaly born of the combined efforts to interfere with the timeline of the Terminator-verse.


Born to Sarah Connor in a hospital located in Odessa, Texas on October 4, 1984 during a battle between the Machine, who has rampaged its way south from an appearance in the Canadian Tundra and the last surviving Resistance fighter, Mary Randall. Mary is aided in the battle by Detective Mark Sloan, who has come to believe in the existence of Skynet and the Terminator future. Their battle is complicated by the interference of a serial killer Sloan has been tracking known as Catfish who has also come to know of the future apocalypse and is seeking to insure it. In a significant departure from the original timeline, however, Sarah Connor gives birth to a girl, Jane Connor, laying the groundwork for a significantly different alternate future.


  • The birth of Jane Connor causes the first documented spontaneous instant reset of events due to temporal interference. The last Terminator instantly vanishes, as do all effects and casualties of its presence, only deaths caused by human hands (Catfish) and Mary herself remain.
  • This may create a Hyper-Stable Loop: Since the many interventions in space-time, a few timelines has been created. Jane Connor's works essentially "Resets" it to the very first timeline (John born to a guy from 1984, Skynet developed from scratch) which will spawn the second (John born from Kyle Reese) and all the others, until Jane's timeline, resetting the Hyper-Loop again.